Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sledding is fun

we made it up to salt lake to see the christmas lights at temple square, they were cool, and we were up there to join in the festivities of tylers graduation, and do some sledding in tyler and bree's yard

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I love the Christmas season. But each year I get more and more kids that I need to get Christmas for. I usually can get the bigger gifts just fine, its the little gifts that make it look like we had a big Christmas that are hard for me. Kerry and I went shopping for gifts last night and we split up so we could get more done. Kerry went to the toy store and I went to a clothing store. I was pumped we were going to get alot done. I quickly found outfits for family pictures ( and no they do not get wrapped) and then Kerry came and we went to the toy store to look over his selections. He had found a train set to run under our tree and a toy for his brother Tysen(who we do not have for Christmas). We walked out with a toy for Tysen and a gift for Lexi. By that time it was late and time to go home. The question is? what did we accmplish? Not much! 22 days and counting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

our cruise

Here are a few pictures of us on our cruise to the Mexican Riviera November 10-17. We went with Mom and Dad.

This picture here is Dad with the Hat that he was coveting. Kerry got it but Mom and I knew that Dad wanted one just like it.Now I know what everyone is thinking, You want one too, right .

This is the infamous Iguana that our driver insisted we stop and get a picture with. (we also had to pay just to take the picture) It was actually pretty cool.
We had so much fun. We went sight seeing in Peurto Vallarta and Mazatlan and then in cabo san lucas we went to the beach and went snorkeling were we all ,but Mom, got stung by tiny jelly fish. Kerry and Dad played in some pretty big waves and had sand coming from there ears for a few days.
I am sure that we all gained a few pounds from eating way to much. I for one loved dessert, and Dad and Kerry just loved the food in general. I am sure glad to be back in America and I feel very blessed for all that we have. Including the gospel. I think that my eyes were opened . We enjoyed the time to just relax.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


This is our lovely Family on our Cruise to Mexico. We took aunt Mckensi with us and drove down to L.A. and got on the Royal Carribean boat. We had a adventure even before we got to L.A. We had stopped to see Stacie and her girls and then headed down through the pass were the traffic quickly stopped and we were stuck in the pass for at least 1 hour.Stacie informed us that there was a fire less then a mile ahead crossing the freeway. What should of only taken us 1 1/2 hours took us 4 and we barely made in time for the cruise. Every where we turned there were freeways closed. This picture here is in San Deigo if you look in the back ground there is a lot of smoke. There was 300 thousand people evacuated in this city alone because of the fires. When we first started our trip ther had been 5 homes lost to the fire. By the time we got back 4 days later there had been 1500.

Kensi was such a lifesaver. She stayed in one room with Megan, Ashley and Madison. She was so much fun. We dragged her along everywhere we went and she did such w wonderful job pretending like she was having fun. We would have never been able to do this trip without her. She also has alot of the cute pictures with her. I think that the girls loved spending time with her. It was like a party every time it was bedtime.

Here we are waiting for dinner time up on the top of the boat in Catalina Island. We decided to go up her to watch the boat leave. It is pretty cool.
Kerry loves the rock climbing on the boat but it is sometimes just hard to get a turn. He got to go once this time and he did really good.I will have to get more pictures from kensi and post more.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

three more things

three funny things about janae

1- she always has to know what is going on with everything as it is happening, not wait until it has happened and ask how it went. ive seen her call jessica on a date and ask her how its going and if the guy is cute, im surprised she hasnt called her on her honeymoon (maby she has and i just dont know about it yet) or she can be going somewhere and she will call when she is about four blocks away from home to let me know that she is four blocks away.

2-she is really afraid of bugs if there is a spider or roach on the floor half dead she will have to have me come get it before she can do anything else(if it is in the doorway of a room she cant get into the room until its gone) some times madison will help me out with my fatherly responsibilities and go get a tissue and pick up the bug and throw it in the toilet.

3-when i was looking at buying my first new motorcycle (a ducati) it was alot more than the used bikes i had bought before so i wasnt sure if it was a real good idea to spend that much , so i went to janae in hopes that she would just tell me to wait or that it was too much to spend so that i could stop thinking about it, so she said "you should get it, lets go to vegas tomorrow"--when i found another motorcycle that i really wanted(but didnt really need) ok so i probably did really need it, but i allready had a couple, so i was trying to talk myself out of getting it, so i asked janae if i should wait to get it since it was kind of expensive she said" you should get it"(in my mind i was thinking "you were suppose to tell me we should wait")

No sleep

It is finally 7:00 a.m. I have been up since 6 and I am so tired but I can't sleep. But I am having to be very quiet because every one else is still asleep. So I thought I would write a quick blog.
Kerry and I are trying to go on a cruise in November. We have been looking at one that goes to jamaica but it is not the cheapest and we have been trying to decide if it was worth it. Well when I got on the computer this morning it went up another $100. ugh. So now what do we do. I am ready to just call it off.
Last night we had another pizza party in Kerrys Brothers back yard. It was so fun we had a niece and a nephew who have the same birthday. It was one big party. Afterward some of them went over to breckens to play on there volleyball court. Megan was able to go and babysit for Tyson and Lori while they went. She loved every minute of it. I still cannot believe how old she is getting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One more for Maddison

I remembered one more funny thing about Madison.
Whenever she has a cough she tells us that she has bad voices. So last night around 3 a.m. Lexi was coughing and Madison in her sleep in the room across the hall says, something along the line of she has bad voices. It was so funny to hear her say it in her sleep.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Three Things

I read Breeann's post I am going to copy it for our family. Here is a list of three funny/strange things about each individual in our family unit.
Lexi: 1- Lexi out of the blue will lean her head over and start say "ah ah ah ah choo" and make the motion of sneazing. We all love her high pitched little voice saying the choo part
2-She loves Dora and is always asking to see it. But she doesn't just say dora she say's dowha. repeated 10 times. Along with this she say's Wori for aunt Lori , Nani for Annie and papa for Grandma and Grandpa.
3-If you ask her something she doesn't know she says I o know. Which means I don't know
Madison:1-She loves to pick her own clothing. Including her underwear. I have just come to the conclusion that if it something that Kerry or I pick out it is for sure not what she is going to wear. She usually comes in with a broken hanger every day that is from her pulling her shirt down. When she does not break it she shows it to us because she is so proud.
2- 3 means 2. If she is yelling "I want 3 I want 3 " you could give her 2 and she is great.
3-If you are on her bad side you are " not invited to my birthday party" BUT if you do something good " You can come to my birthday party." and you know you are on her good side

Ashley:1-She would take five baths a day if we let her. But if you want to do her hair good luck. Oh and that does not mean five new outfits. It usually means the same outfit for a few days.
2-She is definitly related to Nick
3-She loves favorite cassorole(shepards pie) and could eat it for every meal (except Breakfast she only wants cream of wheat.with toast)
Megan: 1-If you don't watch out she will come and visit you at night. (she sleep walks)
2-much to our dismay she loves animals and has already informed us that when she gets married she is getting "a half Lab and half golden retriver that loves ball and is playful" yes she is standing over my shoulder telling me what to say.( oh wait that should be # 3)
3-she is always doing her hair or getting ready. When the whole family is in the car she is still in the house looking for just the right thing to top off her outfit.
Kerry:1-He still has these plaid (blue and green) pants from his mission that he will not throw out and he still wears them. He wore them to the Temple just last week
2-He is a perfectionist in his own way. The 3 motorcycles in the garage are perfectly buffed and polished almost every week. But if you get in his truck you would not believe it was the same man.
3-the first thing he does when he wakes up and the last thing that he does before he goes to bed is to make sure his hair is wetted down or gelled. And he always has socks on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

new update

I wish that I had time to post everyday.
Kerry and I took a little trip to Bryce Canyon this weekend on his motorcycle. It was so much fun. We had Kerrys sister Miranda come on friday morning and we were off. we headed through Gunlock and went up through Enterprise and up through Cedar and over freezing Cedar Mountain. We finally made it and checked into a cute little cabin in Tropic. We had a blast just being the two of us. We toured Bryce and ate out and slept in. Then came back through Zion Park, Jessica came and stayed the night with our kids. We are so greatful for family.

In three weeks we are taking the kids on a cruise out of L.A.. Mckensi agreed to come with us. We are so excited to take all the kids and show them some amazing sights.They are so excited about never ending food and all the pools.
Jessica is getting married on Friday yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure I will probably not post anymore this week because I shall be prepping for the wedding. see yall

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cute addicted husband

I just love my cute addicted husband. Anyone else in the same predicament? I know of a few. (Bree) If you noticed that I have new coloring on our blog that would be the addicted. He spent all Saturday traveling to Vegas with 3 if our youngest girls picking up a motorcycle that is not for him . Then when he got home he proceeded to take pictures, talk on the phone and look on the Internet, all about this new motorcycle. Then Sunday morning when he was home from church with a sick Ashley, he BLOGS about it. Not how cute his girls were on the trip, not that he forgot to get krispy kremes for his wife and not about the hot date he went on with his hot wife, but about the new member of our garage. And he even included pictures. Now if you do not call that addicted, what is? Oh the joy!
Now back to the family life. We have all been sick with the flu and cold. UGH! To top that off the night I was coming down with it I was driving home and got a ticket. And no it was not for speeding. If you want to know more I will tell later

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kerry here

i guess i got tagged, not like the roadkill that tyler tagged, but the other kind.

Jobs I've had:

Laub's farm-moved sprinkelers in hayfields

Barn's dairy-worked at a dairy feeding and milking cows

Laubs farm-drove farm trucks hauling hay in from fields

color country concrete- forming & pouring concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, walls, etc.

mission to jamaica

Moaks Bicycle warehouse-bicycle repair and sales

Les Olson Cao.-fixed copiers and fax machines

Bang concrete- started buisness with 2 other brothers in '99, still moving along.

Movies I watch over and over:

life is too short to watch most movies more than once, but i'd watch a few again

National treasure

Blown Away (edited for tv)

Places I've lived:

born in Mesa, AZ

Beryl, UT


St. George, UT

Favorite TV shows:

Blacksheep Squadron


Good Eats

Man Vs Wild

Places we'd rather be:

on a cruise any where.

visiting---The (Other) Holy Land --for any of you that are not familiar with the other holy land it is where they make Ferrari's and Ducati's--Italy.

any where in Eruope

on a motorcycle ride somewhere- preferably in Europe -possibly somewhere near the other holy land.

on the Autobaughn on a Ducat Desmosedici (abot 210hp and should be able to hit about 220mph)

People I tagged: anyone that posts a comment

tyler wanted me to post the pic of his latest addition to his family with its little red cousins.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mud Day

So we had a huge rain storm on Monday and it flooded 11-12 homes here in our little city. the rain started around 6 a.m. and ended around 7:30 it poured and the thunder and lightning was terrible yet amazing.

As you can tell the kids loved the aftermath. This is two hours after it stopped. Maddie and Emma started in with spoons as soon as they woke up. (as you can see emma is still in her pajamas, and maddie I think slept in her swimsuit) They had so much fun and played hard. Maddie fell asleep after she took a bath around 11.
Megan stayed home from school and had to get in on the picture action. Here she is again in another outfit from Lexi Glauser.
All in All the kids had a blast and Lori and I just let them play until they wanted to come in.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cedar Breaks

So I figure with all my kids I have to put at least one picture of each, and since I did not have time to put all of them up yesterday, I am finishing today. Here is Lexi. She had so much fun running free and would pose any time I asked for the camera. Isn't she cute!
And last but no least is Ashley. She is miss adventure. She was the one that did not want to go to cedar breaks but she was also the one that loved it the most.
Over all are weekend was great. The kids got to spend much needed time with all there cousins and we all got to get away for awhile.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cedar Breaks

Yeah I am actually posting again.
Our Family went up to Brian Head this weekend for a Bang Family get together.

While we were up there we made a quick trip over to Cedar breaks National Park. Here are a few pictures of us.

Here is Megan at the first overlook. Megan got a big bag of clothes from my cousin Lexi ,and was so excited to have a whole new selection. here is one of the new line of clothes. She looked amazing.

Here is Kerry. He had a hard time convincing all of us that we wanted to go to Cedar Breaks but once we got there we all loved it.

Madison was our little accident proned child I swear she fell down at least 10 times the whole 2 days we were in Brian head. We will post more later were off to Grandmas
Ta ta for now

Friday, August 24, 2007

Just an accident

Megan came in the other day while I was on the computer and said "Mom Madison got into the flour you should come and see" Well this is what I saw. I thought it was so funny yet then again it wasn't. So here are all the pictures of everybody "helping" clean up.

Here is Lexi. She was so excited to see all the flour. we had a hard time pulling her away to clean up. Madison said It was all an accident. Oh how we love the innocence of children

Here is Megan In front of her new class. She had a great 1st day of school. Her teacher had her room all done up with dragons and castles them and had a stool that she had them come up and sit on in order and put a hat on them and sorted them into groups.(like harry potter)She had her son do all this cool stuff before hand were they prerecorded it so it told them what group they were in once the hat was on and they were sitting down.She came home totally impressed and excited about her new teacher.

Madison and Lexi have loved having them at school because they get more Mom time. We went shopping and went to see dad at the shop.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

1st day of school

Here is Ashley in front of her new class. Ashley was so excited that she has the same teacher that megan had in 2nd grade. She pulled out Mckensi and Jessica fake diamond necklace to top off her outfit. doesn't she look great?
More to come later I am headed off to take them to school

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today I was just reflecting on my life. I have spent the past couple of days worrying. worrying aboout my Mom and worrying about My Grandma and Grandpa and worrying about making sure that everyone is taken care of. Grandma Goodwin passed away last night! The last 4 weeks or more my Mom and Aunts and Uncles have been taking care of her and Grandpa. She had been fairly healthy, and Grandpa had been the one we were concerned about because of his health. She just kept getting sick and never got better. I was given the oppurtunity to be there when she left her earthly home. I would have to describe the event to be one of the most emotional and spiritual things I have ever done. I don't think that I ever new my aunts and uncles and grandpa as well as I did last night. I had never seen any of them cry and I do not think there was a dry eye in the room. My Grandpa loves her so much! I realized how much love and compassion there is in my Moms family. Grandpa reallly struggled during the whole thing. They took her off of life support around 4:30 p.m. I went into the I.C.U. around 7:00 p.m. with Kerry and was lucky to be able to go into the room that my grandma was in.They brought Grandpa back in from a short rest soon after. She passed away around 8:45 p.m. Grandpa finally told her that she could go and they brought in a c.d. player with uncle Kents music on it. the C.D play I am a Child of God and the nearer my God to thee and during that song is when she passed. I love my Grandma so much and have had a really hard time with her leaving. I am very greatful for the oppurtunity to have been her grandchild. She is such an amazing woman. She raised 7 wonderful children who are all still married and sealed to there 1st spouse and every one of them were there last night. She also had 42 grandchildren who are all still living and 91 great grand kids. I am very proud to be called her grandaughter and cannot wait to see her again. I just thought that along with this I would put a picture of my wonderful children and hope that when I get old that my kids will be able to say the same about me. I love you Grandma! Our girls helping in the Garden last year

Lexi at Christmas making cookies

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the power of power

I know what everyone is thinking. Holy cow she is actually updating her blog again. So soon! Yes!
Life is actually almost getting a routine. We go to church on sunday, and then try to survive until the next sunday. Yep thats are routine. Pretty organized isn't it.
Well anyway Yesterday we had the power go out around 4:00 in the afternoon. Rumor had it that it would be out for 2 or 3 days. Ugh! So what do I do? I run to the grocery store to get Ice for our cooler to keep our milk cold.Then for family night we went with our home teacher Brother Cain and his wife to the lake. We had so much fun and we stayed cool. They took out a tube behind there boat that all of the girls took there turns on. Ashley was the first and from my view on the boat she was having a blast. She would put her thumb down to tell us to go slower and up to go faster, I don't think I actually saw the thumb go up. Megan finally was convinced that she would not need another E.R. visit if she went out, so out she went. Oh my I don't think I have ever seen someone so animated about being nervous. She was so funny! Her mouth was moving the whole time and we had no clue what she was saying.She took her turn and by that time Madison was ready as ever to get out. I thought that hers would be a two minute slow ride. She surprised us all. At first she sort of layed down in the tube were we couldn't see her and we thought she had went to sleep, but as soon as we stopped she popped right up and said she wanted another turn. That was all she wrote. We took off with her in tow and she was popping up and down with the biggest smile ever. She looked like she was trying to stand up. she was jumping and waving and all the while having a blast. We had a hard time trying to convince her that her turn was up. Lexi didn't care about anything else but the steering wheel and the driver. Our home teacher loved the attention and had her in his lap the whole time.(they have been trying to adopt for quiet awhile)I hope that we will have pictures to put up soon we took lots. we had alot of fun and had fun getting to know our home teacher and his wife better.
We were all prepared to come home to a warm home and no lights but lo and behold the power was back on. Yea we missed all the excitment of no power. I was all prepared to live of of the meat in our freezer grilled on our gas grill with fresh vegatables from our garden. oh well I will still do it anyway it still sounds yummy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Salt Lake City

We had a blast this weekend by going to Salt Lake. We took our little family for a quick trip. I had to go for a Fashion show for the new Modbe fall line.
Kerry was able to snag a 1098 Ducati Motorcycle while we were up there. He is so Excited. He had been looking for one for at least 6 months. Every time the dealerships got them in they were already sold and Ebay sold them before the auction ended. So we were shocked when we walked into the dealership and found out they had one in the back room. So we drove home with a u-haul full with a brand new Ducati.
The Fashion show was amazing. I was so excited to see that modbe came out with jeans. They also came out with some cool shirts. I bought way to much for my fall wardrobe.I really did not plan on selling much in Modbe but the stuff is so cute that I have been very busy.
Ashleys birthday is coming up on thursday she is going to be 7. she is so excited.
Madison kept asking the whole way home"are we going to sleep at Hallies tonight? When will we be at Hallies house?" we had to keep explaining to her that we were going home.
We also got to go out to dinner with Bree and Tyler it was alot of fun.
Well my kids are calling me I had better go.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lake Powell trip

We went to Lake Powell last week for the first annual Borrowman Reunion. We started out our reunion on the eve of the 4th of July, by packing our 2 boats with all of our camping gear. For 33 people that is alot of camping gear. My little family then went straight home and went to sleep.(yes that means that we missed our family tradition of going to the park and watching fireworks.)

We started bright and early Thursday morning at 5:00 in the morning were we met at my parents house and got mcdonalds for breakfast. We quickly realized that Mcdonald does not open until 6:00 so we quickly revamped and were on the road by 6:30. With all of the little stops that we made we finally made it to Lake Powell around 10:00.When we finally got to the beach that pleased all of us for camping we quickly unloaded the boats and set up camp. Our kids were so excited. They quickly realized there were sea shells everywhere and started to collect them as the adults set up camp. after a quick lunch a bunch of the family decided to go out on the Lake. My older girls included. Not even 5 minutes later the boat was coming back and I was being summoned to the boat and to hurry. The first thing that came to my mind was that they wanted us to come and see something cool in the lake and I was not in a big hurry until I saw them carrying Megan out of the boat. Kerry was at the camp next door helping them out so I yelled to someone to get him. When I got to Megan there was blood everywhere on her face. I was freaked out. Ryan was there and luckily he is a nurse and he helped get things in control and helped Megan settle down.Once the blood was wiped away we realized that she had a pretty deep gash on her forehead. I knew as soon as I saw it we would have to take her in to get stitches. Kerry and I took her in and got the stitches. It went very well, we were in and out of there within 30 minutes. We then went and got her some new flip flops and a hat to get the sun off of her face.She was pretty proud of her stitches and was excited to show them off(all 5 of them.)

That was not all the excitement of the day. While we were at the clinic back at the beach they were making dinner ( I was in charge that night) when a big wind storm came and blew down some of the tents and got sand all through the wonderful dinner. Luckily we were in town and we just picked up little Caesars.

The rest of the week was a blast. The first night we slept awesome the kids went straight to sleep and so did the rest of the camp. We got a ton of jet skiing, boating and tubing in. Ashley loved the tube and especially loved being dumped off. Madison and Lexi were content to just to sit on the beach and play in the water. Every time Madi got on the boat during the day she would fall asleep, Lexi would just scream because she had a life jacket on.

Kerry was the king of everything, If there was something broke he would fix it. If you were going wake boarding he was the first one up and he was dang good at it. He seemed to have a flashlight for anyone that forgot it, and we had ropes for everything, even a piece of metal for someones license plate that was falling off. All in All I think that it was a great First Family Reunion.

Monday, June 18, 2007

fun week

We had a fun week this week. The kids are out of school and I have been running, still going to physical therapy on my wrist. Megan has been sick alot . Ashley has been playing with her friends. Madison got to play with Hallie this weekend and loved it. Hallie left her zebra here and every time she leaves it it is the most awful thing in the world so I am bringing it to lake powell.Megan has helped write alot of this and loves to play on the computer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tag your it.

Tag your it.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Having fun being a newleywed
What were you doing 1 year ago?
Just being a mom.
Five Snacks You Enjoy
chocolate covered almonds
Water ( in a bottle)
granola bars
pink cookie from great harvest
Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To
I am a child of God
I pray in Faith
The Dance
The power of love(Celine Dion)
( I am not very good at remembering things so that is all)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire
Pay off all debt, including house
Pay off my parents house
jet for my brother in law to fly us wherever we wanted
Go on a Disney cruise with all my family
buy my husband as many motorcycles as he wanted with a garage to put them in
Five Bad Habits
letting my car get really dirty
not cleaning up after myself
getting upset with my husband if we are more then 5 minutes late to something
getting upset if someone is more the 5 minutes late
Making comments before I really think them through
Five Things You Like To Do
Do crafts
spend time on my husbands motorcycle with him
hang out with my girls
buy things for my house
Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
stretch pants
shoulder pads
Mini skirts
pony tail on the side of my head
Bikini( I never wore one anyway)
Five favorite toys:
pool ( I don't have one yet)
cricket ( scrapbook item)
scrapbook room
credit card
Now its your turn!

new picture

here is un updated picture

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Great Husband

I have a wonderful Husband! With Fathers day coming near I have been thinking alot about my husbands role as a Father and a Husband. He is such a great example of giving and service for our girls. He has taught them the meaning of work by having a huge garden to weed and water and take care of. He teaches them to serve by example. Most of you who are reading this know exactly what I mean, because he has served you in one way or another. I should change the word them to us because he also is an example to me.

We went to a funeral of a neighbor today and just being there reminded me of the service my husband does for others.This Sister that passed away was a sweet older lady that had cancer. We were not aware of her cancer until 5 months ago when they moved out of there home because of problems with the home and into there sons home.We loved giving them sqaush from our garden last year and know that they loved it in return. Kerry also did many other things that I know that he would not appreciate me telling the world about but it made us grow to love this family. Over all it made me proud to be by his side when we went through the line at the funeral.

When Lexi sees her Dad get home she runs to him and stays by his side. THey all loe to ride his Motorcycles and beg to get a turn as often as possible. I even wish my kids could drive so I could ride with him to. I know this is a little early but "HAPPY FATHERS DAY KERRY" we love you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and even more

I have tried to put at least one picture of everyone. I did not get some of a few people. I apologize if I didn't get your picture on here. Here is Mom and Ashley.Emma had so much fun that this is the only picture that I have of her. She rode up with us and is so much fun.Emma, Maddie and Kennis were like the three amigos.

This is Lori dragging the gear back to our cars. she did not want me taking pictures but I got one anyway.
This is Kerry with all the kids at the water spout. Kerry made the best fried cream of wheat. Everyone gobbled it up and I think that he started a new tradition.

Ashley and Tavin, what great kids. They kept busy the whole time. I did not see much of them on this trip.

Lexi was so excited to finally get to eat. Before we ate all she wanted was to be held and then she ate and was exploring every nook and cranny.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More from Memorial day

Lil and Gage eating breakfast. Gage is such a cute little boy. (Sorry about the cute. I only know girl words)

Hello from Pine Valley. This is what Mckensi is thinking. Mckensi and Jessica brought there friends Chris and Ashley with them, it was fun to share are tradition with them.
This picture was a accident but it turned out cute.

So this is Dad cleaning up from our scrumptious breakfast. Isn't he so handsome And this is the all beautiful Madison. She had so much fun playing with Kennis and Emma

Monday, May 28, 2007


Madison Chatting dads ear off.

Ashley pausing for a quick pose before she heads off to play with her cousins
Grandpa Borrowman eating as always

Grandma Borrowman getting everything ready to eat.

So today is memorial day and guess what the tradition is? PINE VALLEY BREAKFAST.

This is Megan and Brinley aren't they so cute. We had dutch oven potatoes, eggs, bacon, orange juice,homeade cinnaman rolls and fried cream of wheat. It was so good.
Mom in all her gloryLexi playing in the dirt enjoying life