Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today I was just reflecting on my life. I have spent the past couple of days worrying. worrying aboout my Mom and worrying about My Grandma and Grandpa and worrying about making sure that everyone is taken care of. Grandma Goodwin passed away last night! The last 4 weeks or more my Mom and Aunts and Uncles have been taking care of her and Grandpa. She had been fairly healthy, and Grandpa had been the one we were concerned about because of his health. She just kept getting sick and never got better. I was given the oppurtunity to be there when she left her earthly home. I would have to describe the event to be one of the most emotional and spiritual things I have ever done. I don't think that I ever new my aunts and uncles and grandpa as well as I did last night. I had never seen any of them cry and I do not think there was a dry eye in the room. My Grandpa loves her so much! I realized how much love and compassion there is in my Moms family. Grandpa reallly struggled during the whole thing. They took her off of life support around 4:30 p.m. I went into the I.C.U. around 7:00 p.m. with Kerry and was lucky to be able to go into the room that my grandma was in.They brought Grandpa back in from a short rest soon after. She passed away around 8:45 p.m. Grandpa finally told her that she could go and they brought in a c.d. player with uncle Kents music on it. the C.D play I am a Child of God and the nearer my God to thee and during that song is when she passed. I love my Grandma so much and have had a really hard time with her leaving. I am very greatful for the oppurtunity to have been her grandchild. She is such an amazing woman. She raised 7 wonderful children who are all still married and sealed to there 1st spouse and every one of them were there last night. She also had 42 grandchildren who are all still living and 91 great grand kids. I am very proud to be called her grandaughter and cannot wait to see her again. I just thought that along with this I would put a picture of my wonderful children and hope that when I get old that my kids will be able to say the same about me. I love you Grandma! Our girls helping in the Garden last year

Lexi at Christmas making cookies

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the power of power

I know what everyone is thinking. Holy cow she is actually updating her blog again. So soon! Yes!
Life is actually almost getting a routine. We go to church on sunday, and then try to survive until the next sunday. Yep thats are routine. Pretty organized isn't it.
Well anyway Yesterday we had the power go out around 4:00 in the afternoon. Rumor had it that it would be out for 2 or 3 days. Ugh! So what do I do? I run to the grocery store to get Ice for our cooler to keep our milk cold.Then for family night we went with our home teacher Brother Cain and his wife to the lake. We had so much fun and we stayed cool. They took out a tube behind there boat that all of the girls took there turns on. Ashley was the first and from my view on the boat she was having a blast. She would put her thumb down to tell us to go slower and up to go faster, I don't think I actually saw the thumb go up. Megan finally was convinced that she would not need another E.R. visit if she went out, so out she went. Oh my I don't think I have ever seen someone so animated about being nervous. She was so funny! Her mouth was moving the whole time and we had no clue what she was saying.She took her turn and by that time Madison was ready as ever to get out. I thought that hers would be a two minute slow ride. She surprised us all. At first she sort of layed down in the tube were we couldn't see her and we thought she had went to sleep, but as soon as we stopped she popped right up and said she wanted another turn. That was all she wrote. We took off with her in tow and she was popping up and down with the biggest smile ever. She looked like she was trying to stand up. she was jumping and waving and all the while having a blast. We had a hard time trying to convince her that her turn was up. Lexi didn't care about anything else but the steering wheel and the driver. Our home teacher loved the attention and had her in his lap the whole time.(they have been trying to adopt for quiet awhile)I hope that we will have pictures to put up soon we took lots. we had alot of fun and had fun getting to know our home teacher and his wife better.
We were all prepared to come home to a warm home and no lights but lo and behold the power was back on. Yea we missed all the excitment of no power. I was all prepared to live of of the meat in our freezer grilled on our gas grill with fresh vegatables from our garden. oh well I will still do it anyway it still sounds yummy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Salt Lake City

We had a blast this weekend by going to Salt Lake. We took our little family for a quick trip. I had to go for a Fashion show for the new Modbe fall line.
Kerry was able to snag a 1098 Ducati Motorcycle while we were up there. He is so Excited. He had been looking for one for at least 6 months. Every time the dealerships got them in they were already sold and Ebay sold them before the auction ended. So we were shocked when we walked into the dealership and found out they had one in the back room. So we drove home with a u-haul full with a brand new Ducati.
The Fashion show was amazing. I was so excited to see that modbe came out with jeans. They also came out with some cool shirts. I bought way to much for my fall wardrobe.I really did not plan on selling much in Modbe but the stuff is so cute that I have been very busy.
Ashleys birthday is coming up on thursday she is going to be 7. she is so excited.
Madison kept asking the whole way home"are we going to sleep at Hallies tonight? When will we be at Hallies house?" we had to keep explaining to her that we were going home.
We also got to go out to dinner with Bree and Tyler it was alot of fun.
Well my kids are calling me I had better go.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lake Powell trip

We went to Lake Powell last week for the first annual Borrowman Reunion. We started out our reunion on the eve of the 4th of July, by packing our 2 boats with all of our camping gear. For 33 people that is alot of camping gear. My little family then went straight home and went to sleep.(yes that means that we missed our family tradition of going to the park and watching fireworks.)

We started bright and early Thursday morning at 5:00 in the morning were we met at my parents house and got mcdonalds for breakfast. We quickly realized that Mcdonald does not open until 6:00 so we quickly revamped and were on the road by 6:30. With all of the little stops that we made we finally made it to Lake Powell around 10:00.When we finally got to the beach that pleased all of us for camping we quickly unloaded the boats and set up camp. Our kids were so excited. They quickly realized there were sea shells everywhere and started to collect them as the adults set up camp. after a quick lunch a bunch of the family decided to go out on the Lake. My older girls included. Not even 5 minutes later the boat was coming back and I was being summoned to the boat and to hurry. The first thing that came to my mind was that they wanted us to come and see something cool in the lake and I was not in a big hurry until I saw them carrying Megan out of the boat. Kerry was at the camp next door helping them out so I yelled to someone to get him. When I got to Megan there was blood everywhere on her face. I was freaked out. Ryan was there and luckily he is a nurse and he helped get things in control and helped Megan settle down.Once the blood was wiped away we realized that she had a pretty deep gash on her forehead. I knew as soon as I saw it we would have to take her in to get stitches. Kerry and I took her in and got the stitches. It went very well, we were in and out of there within 30 minutes. We then went and got her some new flip flops and a hat to get the sun off of her face.She was pretty proud of her stitches and was excited to show them off(all 5 of them.)

That was not all the excitement of the day. While we were at the clinic back at the beach they were making dinner ( I was in charge that night) when a big wind storm came and blew down some of the tents and got sand all through the wonderful dinner. Luckily we were in town and we just picked up little Caesars.

The rest of the week was a blast. The first night we slept awesome the kids went straight to sleep and so did the rest of the camp. We got a ton of jet skiing, boating and tubing in. Ashley loved the tube and especially loved being dumped off. Madison and Lexi were content to just to sit on the beach and play in the water. Every time Madi got on the boat during the day she would fall asleep, Lexi would just scream because she had a life jacket on.

Kerry was the king of everything, If there was something broke he would fix it. If you were going wake boarding he was the first one up and he was dang good at it. He seemed to have a flashlight for anyone that forgot it, and we had ropes for everything, even a piece of metal for someones license plate that was falling off. All in All I think that it was a great First Family Reunion.