Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful weeds

Melanie in the weeds.
Our Sweet Friend did it again. Thanks Amber. I love this picture.
Amber called me this week telling me the weeds were out and she wanted to go and do pictures. How could I ever say no.She has such amazing talent. The sky was cloudy the wind was a bit cold and it started to rain. Melanie never cried. She did sneeze and tipped over from the force of her sneeze. She is the sweetest little girl. Thank you thank you thank you Amber.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What we have been up to

I cannot believe it is already March! We have been just chillin at the house. Megan has probably went to school a whole 5 or 6 days since she has got out of the hospital. We took her to the Dr. on Monday were he decided she has a ulcer in her tummy. OUCH! So what does that mean for the Bang household. Life is on hold. Ashley is the bestest helper ever . She is about the only one doing chores around the house.  She is also the babysitter for me and the whole neighborhood. Thanks Ashley.Her teacher at parent teacher confrence had nothing but good to say about her. She is also doing so amazing at dance.
Madison is working on reading and catching up on all her homework. I went to parent teacher conference were the teacher informed that she is one of 2 kids in the class that needs extra help. WHAT 1 out of 2. Wow that boosts my self esteem as a Mom. I guess  have been a real slacker in that area of life. But she is now getting to the point were her clothes and shoes are all laid out for school the next day. Makes for easier mornings without crying over lost shoes. I also found a major reason for a stinky house the other day. I could smell this horendous smell coming from the hall around her room. I kept checking for a unflushed toilet or a dirty diaper but finally found the culprit in Madisons room. She had some "PET" potato bugs in the aqarium in her room, with a pan of water for the drink. The pan of water stunk like no other. I have to say it smells alot better now that I took that outside.
Lexi, Lexi, Lexi, What can I say about her. She is so dang busy. If I tell her to do a chore she sneaks out the basement door and runs to Loris. But She does usually get the dishwasher unloaded every day.She is lovin preschool and cannot wait to start Kindergarten next year.
"Tractor" or should I say Brian. That sweet little boy makes me laugh. He adores tractors and anything else that has anything to do with them. He can be found driving the crane that Dad bought him or the dump truck that Grandma Bang gave him or the tractor that Dad got him on the outing to the tractor store. OR you could find him running out to look at the tractors working on the streets next to us.He loves to wave at the driver of the tractors while  showing him his little tractor.When we sit down to dinner he has a trusty little tractor by his side. And you can count on him naming everyone at the table down to the tactor by his side. If he has more then one tractor with him he will name those also. And you can bet that he knows them by name. "tractor, dump truck, crane, truck, cycle, train,car, and whatever else he can find. We stopped to see his Dad the other day and The concrete pump was sitting in the driveway of the shop. He got out of the van and said "WHOA" He walked over to check it out . When he  got to the huge tire he got down on one knee to check under it. He walked around the truck with one hand in his pocket saying whoa for 10 minutes. Then told his Dad " concrete truck" over and over. I could littarly do a whole post on this little boy. Maybe I will.
Melanie is one of the best babies ever. She is a smiling wonder. She is getting closer to sitting up. She loves her siblings so much.
Kerry is busy with work and I am busy with Dr appointments and trying to get the house clean.