Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is a picture I found on Facebook today. The caption read. Megan My sister fixed Melanies hair today. My Mom is going to kill her!
Ha Ha that made me just laugh. Melanie is such a cutie and goes along with whatever the kids do to her.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Had a fun day watching the annulaur solor eclipse. Kerry made 6 chocolate pies and invited my family over for my birthday. We had seven  solar glasses for us to watch. So we ate delicious pie and sat on the stairs in our family room while watching the sun slowly get covered by the moon. Ryan and his family joined us and so did my Mom and Dad. It was actually really fun. Tyson and Lori went to kannaraville to watch it but I am sure we got as good of a show here. We did get pictures but I have to figure out how to put them on from the laptop I am using.

One more potty post

So I just have to write this one down even though it is 12:45 at night. I just went in to check on Melanie before I laid down and Melanie was butt naked in her bed. This is an everyday occurence for her. I have tried putting pants on, putting her diaper on backwards but it does not work. I was able to catch her before she wet her bed tonight but usually she ends up waking herself up when she pees her bed. I have the hardest time not laughing about it. She is the most ambunctious child I have ever had. She has already climbed out of her bed and you can find her on the Kitchen counter almost hourly.She also has figured out how to open the back gate on our back porch. I have had to replace my makeup because she scoots the chair over to my counter and climbs into my makeup drawer and does her own makeup. Her little cousin Ava can say her name but Melanie could care less about talking, I mean who needs to when you can get yourself whatever you want and not have to hassle with the confusion of talking.

Friday, May 18, 2012

5 down 1 to go. potty training with technology

So Brian is a big boy now. He was peeing in the toilet all the time unless we put a diaper or pull up on him. Now pooping was a whole other story. He would either just go in his pants or wait till we put a diaper on him. We had bribed him a few times with lego mans (lego figures) but that was begining to get expensive and we could only get him to go in the toilet like once a week. So Kerry got a phone that has an lego game app and Brian would get to play a game if he went in the toilet. Brian loved it. He was going just a little bit then played a game and then immediatly ran in to the bathroom to go a little bit more. This got to the point that he would be going to the bathroom about 10 times a day just so he could play the ego game on Dads phone. We made him show us before he could flush. I thought it would never end! But alas it did. He now goes the normal 1-2 times a day and rarely asks if he can play. The funny thing is we went to lunch for my birthday and he had to go while we were there at the restaraunt. He got mad at me because I flushed it before Dad could see it . I made sure to tell Kerry that he pooped so that he could play the lego game while we finished eating. So we are proud to say this wonderful son of ours is fully potty trained. Even through the night. I also can say he only peed on the floor once (that I know of) He peed off of the top of the stairs to our family room. He thought it was so funny. I quickly had to teach him that it was not ok to pee anywhere but the toilet.So we now call Kerrys phone the latest Potty training technology. You should try it. It works so good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I decided I better get back on here. Facebook is just not the same. I cannot journal there like I can here. So what has been going on. Oh my so much. Were do I even start? Kerrys work is starting to finally pick back up. slowly but surely. He is hoping to start on a job in L.A. in the next couple months. I have been getting physically and mentally back in shape. I figured out my harmones were very screwed up , so I am getting it all balanced. I am doing zumba and going to the gym. I love it and am starting to see some results. Megan has  a pump which has made life so much better for her. She is getting to were she is controlling her diabetes so much better now. She is also getting ready to go to Washington D.C. for her 8th grade school trip. She did fundraisers and babysat all year to get ready to go. It is a once in a lifetime opportnity.I am scared to death to let her go.
Ashley has been in dance company for the school all year and has had lots of performances. She is getting to be so good. She is a natural dancer. You should see her she is beautiful. She has been on the High honor roll all year. She is getting ready to start Young Womens at the end of the summer, and she gets to go to Girls camp.
Madison is growing so fast. She got baptised in March with her cousin Kennis. It was a fun spiritual day. We had so many people there, and had a big dinner at our house for everyone afterward. She is now in achievment days and has loved learning to babysit. She loves the few times I have had to run to the school for a minute were she gets to babysit. She is proud of her red hair and the fact that she looks just like her Mom.
Alexis just graduated from Kindergarten. She was in the same class as her 2 cousins Mason and Gaige. It was so fun to see them all together. They all did so good that there teacher put them in the same 1st grade class together.She is a good little reader and is constantly asking to get on her reading website for the school.
Brian is finally potty trained. He has been the sweetest little boy ever. One of the sweet stories I remember is a couple of weeks ago . He was crying for something and I was trying to distract him so I said " Brian guess what next week is? Its my Birthday. What are you getting me for my birthday." He says " a lego man and a lego car" I said "what about a book" he says " books are to spensive, I will give you two lego mans and a car and a plane."  I was telling this story at the dinner table and  he said the same thing. Next thing I know he comes into the kitchen with his favorite blanket wrapped over a book. He hands me this childrens book off of his book shelf and says "Happy birthday Mom."  I really do love that boy. He was able to go camping with his Dad last week for Fathers and sons. You would have thought he won the lottery with how happy he was. He was freezing all night but he loved and cherised every second of his time with Dad.
Melanie is getting so big. She is starting to skip her naps which I am not very excited about. She started nursery last month. She does so well there and has never cried yet. Her best friend ever is Ava our little cousin who is 3 weeks younger then her. They are starting to figure out that they have a best friend next door and all they have to do is drag there Mom or Dad next door and they can play. She is always so excited to see her.She loves her family and loves her bottles.