Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sledding is fun

we made it up to salt lake to see the christmas lights at temple square, they were cool, and we were up there to join in the festivities of tylers graduation, and do some sledding in tyler and bree's yard

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I love the Christmas season. But each year I get more and more kids that I need to get Christmas for. I usually can get the bigger gifts just fine, its the little gifts that make it look like we had a big Christmas that are hard for me. Kerry and I went shopping for gifts last night and we split up so we could get more done. Kerry went to the toy store and I went to a clothing store. I was pumped we were going to get alot done. I quickly found outfits for family pictures ( and no they do not get wrapped) and then Kerry came and we went to the toy store to look over his selections. He had found a train set to run under our tree and a toy for his brother Tysen(who we do not have for Christmas). We walked out with a toy for Tysen and a gift for Lexi. By that time it was late and time to go home. The question is? what did we accmplish? Not much! 22 days and counting.