Monday, April 30, 2007

everyday life

Today is a normal average everyday life kinda day. I woke up with alexis crying her morning wake up call, (7:00 a.m. sharp)and quickly took her into the kitchen to eat breakfast. She loves to feed herself cold cereal, although most of it goes onto the floor or her shirt. As lexi is eating Megan meanders into the kitchen looking for anything that will make her be ready for school quicker.(easy chores, clean clothes and last but not least breakfast.) Ashley and Madison are the last to get up.(about 8:30) Ashley has to be out the door at 8:45 so we quickly get her breakfast and get her dressed and ready for school. While I am rushing Ashley I hear a car stop outside my house and quickly realize that lexi is outside in the middle of the street and our neighbor is stopping to bring her in.( how embarrassing)

With Megan and Ashley out the door Madison is suddenly restless to escape and she runs over to Aunt Lori and Emmas house, while I am on the phone with Modbe working out some problems with a customers order. I am finally sitting down to the computer to do my blog for the day and it is 12:40. I am still not dressed and neither are the girls, but we are well fed and happy. The kitchen is almost clean and we have home teaching families over for dinner. I am planning on having my kids look darling and my house shining like the top of the Chrysler building. Guess I had better go and accomplish a miracle. Till tomorrow when it starts over again.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sleep & money

Sleep is an amazing thing. With kids you treasure sleep more than anything. Last night we told Megan, Ashley and Madison if they went to sleep within twenty minutes after we put them to bed they could stay up as late as they wanted tomorrow. We did this in hopes that we would get a quite evening together.The only thing we did not plan on is that Megan and Ashley would go straight to sleep and Madison would stay up till 10:00 p.m. (we put them in bed at 8:00)We love are kids and love the little blips they put in life.The great thing is Madison finally slept in till 9:00 a.m. and Megan and Ashley woke up bright and early at 6:50. Oh the joy of kids.

Yesterday Ashley and her little friend John did a lemonade stand and sold $8. Ashley was so excited to have $4 that she put her money in her purse and took it with us to town. When we went to Target she kept asking "how much is this" she finally decided on a little coloring thing that was a $1. She took it up to the register with the biggest smile. She then got a little nervous and gave Megan her dollar to give to the cashier. When the cashier told her it was 1.06 she was confused. I think Ashley finally understands the meaning of tax.On the way home she tells us from the back of the van " I got my first receipt I love it. I want another one." Ashley is growing up so fast. She is a great big sister and is always helping out.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

track day

O. K. ---I'll admit it I'm shallow, lack creativity, not very original and lack the motivation to do any thing involving strenuous exercise. it was fun though, in march I got to go ride in las vegas, on the track for the second time (track day)not a real race, just riding with other guys(semi aggressively)on the track.


I could not do a family blog without putting a picture of some of our "other family". These are Kerry's motorcycles. Yes he has three and Yes he would like more. But if you ask Kerry "Do you want to get another motorcycle?" He say's And I quote" When can we go up to Salt Lake to get it"But if you ask Janae"Is Kerry going to get another motorcycle she says " Only if he sales one or two of the one's he has" Kerry loves to get out on these bikes for free time. Right now Tyler has the Aprilla, supposedly, as Kerry say's to try and sell it. I cannot complain that this is My husbands 2nd love especially when I get to ride behind him and feel the wind on my face be close him.

Lexis Birthday

For those of you that missed Lexis 1st Birthday in November here is a picture of that day. My neighbor made a cute lady bug cake for her. Lexi loved it and had no problem digging in. As you can tell Ashley and Madison had just as much fun.

megans duck

The day that we got the ducks Megan claimed the littlest duck as hers.

ducks in the house

We got ducks and chickens the other day and our kids love them. Madison sneaks out about 10 times a day and loves to hold them. I am about ready to send them back they stink so much. But for the sake of our kids they are still here. Kerry got them to eat the bugs out of our garden. Madison has named one of the ducks airplane and has loved checking on airplane.

My first post

So here is a cute picture of all of our GIRLS. We would never trade a boy for any of our girls. I am not sure a boy would fit into our home of emotions.Megan is now 9 Ashley is 6 Madison is 3 and Alexis is 1. They all keep very busy.