Monday, June 18, 2007

fun week

We had a fun week this week. The kids are out of school and I have been running, still going to physical therapy on my wrist. Megan has been sick alot . Ashley has been playing with her friends. Madison got to play with Hallie this weekend and loved it. Hallie left her zebra here and every time she leaves it it is the most awful thing in the world so I am bringing it to lake powell.Megan has helped write alot of this and loves to play on the computer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tag your it.

Tag your it.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Having fun being a newleywed
What were you doing 1 year ago?
Just being a mom.
Five Snacks You Enjoy
chocolate covered almonds
Water ( in a bottle)
granola bars
pink cookie from great harvest
Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To
I am a child of God
I pray in Faith
The Dance
The power of love(Celine Dion)
( I am not very good at remembering things so that is all)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire
Pay off all debt, including house
Pay off my parents house
jet for my brother in law to fly us wherever we wanted
Go on a Disney cruise with all my family
buy my husband as many motorcycles as he wanted with a garage to put them in
Five Bad Habits
letting my car get really dirty
not cleaning up after myself
getting upset with my husband if we are more then 5 minutes late to something
getting upset if someone is more the 5 minutes late
Making comments before I really think them through
Five Things You Like To Do
Do crafts
spend time on my husbands motorcycle with him
hang out with my girls
buy things for my house
Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
stretch pants
shoulder pads
Mini skirts
pony tail on the side of my head
Bikini( I never wore one anyway)
Five favorite toys:
pool ( I don't have one yet)
cricket ( scrapbook item)
scrapbook room
credit card
Now its your turn!

new picture

here is un updated picture

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Great Husband

I have a wonderful Husband! With Fathers day coming near I have been thinking alot about my husbands role as a Father and a Husband. He is such a great example of giving and service for our girls. He has taught them the meaning of work by having a huge garden to weed and water and take care of. He teaches them to serve by example. Most of you who are reading this know exactly what I mean, because he has served you in one way or another. I should change the word them to us because he also is an example to me.

We went to a funeral of a neighbor today and just being there reminded me of the service my husband does for others.This Sister that passed away was a sweet older lady that had cancer. We were not aware of her cancer until 5 months ago when they moved out of there home because of problems with the home and into there sons home.We loved giving them sqaush from our garden last year and know that they loved it in return. Kerry also did many other things that I know that he would not appreciate me telling the world about but it made us grow to love this family. Over all it made me proud to be by his side when we went through the line at the funeral.

When Lexi sees her Dad get home she runs to him and stays by his side. THey all loe to ride his Motorcycles and beg to get a turn as often as possible. I even wish my kids could drive so I could ride with him to. I know this is a little early but "HAPPY FATHERS DAY KERRY" we love you.