Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brian is one

Brian turned one yesterday. I cannot believe it has already been a year/. Here is the cute Barn cake I made for him. Grandma and Grandpa came early for dinner. Grandma then helped me finish making the cake.
When we gave hime the cake he didnt dig in like the rest of the kid did. All the girls helped him get frosting on his hands but he did no dig in at all.
But he was sure happy. He was so tired that I think he was more in a daze then anything. We had favorite casserole for dinner and he ate  a ton.
Lori,Tyson, Chris, Jessica, Mason, Emma, Chelsy,Kensi, Josh, Grandpa and Grandma all came to help us celebrate. Here is Maddie, Lexi and Maddie doing Group hug. Then Josh joined in on the fun.
We sure do love having Brian in our home. Here he is the next morning with his new toys.