Friday, September 3, 2010

Is that all I have to do.

So Bree do I just need to throw a fit and stomp my feet and you will send me pictures of your baby too. My camera is dead and Kerry took the charger. So there, I cannot post pictures.

I know I needed to update a long time ago but with 2 hernias I just dont feel like it. The kids have all started school, and Madison is loving going all day. Megan is a teacher aide and enjoys that. Ashley got the homeroom teacher that she wanted so bad. Mrs Fife seems to be a great teacher. Lexi is starting preschool next week with miss Amy she can hardly wait to go to school with Mason.
Megan worked hard all summer selling bows and made $250 or more. She is a real entrepreneur. I am so proud of her.Every saturday you would find her at the farmers market selling aprons and bows. She then went to the school and sold uniform colors and did very well. Way to go Megan.
Kerrys buisness has been really slow and we look forward to the day that it picks up again.It has been really tough to see him work hard and see no income.We have been truly blessed and know the Lord is watching out for us. We have learned alot during this tough time. He still loves his calling and really enjoys the people he works with.
I have been busy laying in bed and being a Mother. Only 9 more weeks until we see this sweet little spirit that is coming into our home. We are trying to decide between the names Melanie, Hailey, and Katie. I think I have already ruled the name Katie out. My wallet was stolen last month , What a pain. Two of the girls social security cards were in there.
Well until next time see ya.