Thursday, February 10, 2011

funny things they say

Lexi: calling from Loris house to see if she can yet again go with them to town.
"Mom can I go with Lori to town"
Me " No Lexi you need to come home you have been at Loris all day. Do you even know who your Mom is"
Lexi " yep Lori, can I go with Them"
Me laughing" Whos your Mom Lexi"
Lexi without hesitation " Lori"
Me trying to hold it in " Lexi you need to come home. Who is your Mom?'
Lexi" Lori , Mom please"
We go on like this for a few minutes and then we end the conversation with an understanding that she is on her way home.
20 minutes later. the phone rings. Its Lori
Lori" did you tell Lexi she could come with us"
Me "No"
Lori laughing" Lexi chased down my Mom and told her she already talked to you. She is here with us now"
I love Lexi as if she was my own child. Oh wait she is.

Monday, February 7, 2011

new pictures

If you scroll down I added lots of pictures of Megan in the hospital

Out of order.

I forgot to write about Megans last night at the hospital. Jessica had planned on staying the night with her. I had been with Meg all day and decided to head home early on Sunday evening to see the kids. I figured Meg would be okay by herself for awhile and I thought there might be a few visitors. Grandma Borrowman came to visit and her friend Celise Hight (who also has juvenile diabetes ) came to visit.  Megan called me after they left to let me know they were moving her to another room because they had a child who needed to be closer to the nurses station. Megs was letting me know she was okay and actually enjoyed being there by herself for a little while.

Me,  Meg and Melanie, With the chicken strips that Megan
had at every meal. She looks pretty ghostly.
Megan and Chelsie Pettegrew playing this cool Wii that
they wheel into your room. It had tons of games on it and you
could watch movies

Megan, Chelsie and Elise. Party time
Megan and Lindee Peterson. We loved having her as
Megans nurse.
Elise and Melanie at 11 p.m. Do they look tired at all
 We put the kids to bed and it was around 9 or 10 pm. I was sitting in Bed with Kerry and I said to him. "I am really  worried about Megan, they are moving her to another room , I think I need to go in and make sure she is ok." Kerry told me she would be okay but if I needed to go and see her to not come up with a lame excuse like that. He told me just to say I needed to go and see her. Ha ha. Not kidding you 2 minutes later the phone rang and Megan was on the phone crying. She said that her IV was leaking and they were going to put another one in. That was all I needed to hear. I packed Melanie up and raced to the hospital. When I got there  I ran into Elise Pettegrew out in the hall. Chelsie was in seeing her and Elise informed me that Chelsie was hoping to stay the night with Megan.Jessica walked in right then and we all decided to let Chelsie stay with Megs. These are pictures of us having a party. Them playing on the WII. Also Callie Petersons Aunt was Megans nurse that night. How lucky for all of us. I was not worried one bit once I found out she was her nurse. I somehow did not get any pictures of Jessica but she was there with us at this late night party we had. .Thanks Jessica for being so willing to stay. She brought lots of movies and partied with us till about 11

Finally school.

Megan has still not went back to school. We go in to meet with the vice principal and school nurse tomorrow. I am so nervous even though I dont need to be. I mean who really wants to meet with  the principal. When we are done with getting her school managment plan down and discussed who knows what with them Megan can then go back to school. I feel like I am taking a delinquent child in to discuss all her problems. We all know how awesome Megs is.
We have to drive to SLC to meet with a Endroconoligist(diabetes doctor) on the 15th. Anyone up for a day trip?

Madisons Birthday.

My little Madison is 7 years old. Wow I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.

  • She is my third child and we did not find out what she was. I know we had really wanted a boy, and we were really shocked she was a girl. I definately would not ever send her back and I wouldnt want a boy over her now.
  • She is the sweetest little girl . ( she is always telling me she misses me when I leave)
  •  She has so much energy. (she comes into are room on average 9 times a night after we have sent her to bed)
  • I love love love the fact that she looks like me.( who wouldn't want a firey little red head)
  •  She was the only baby I had at home with a midwife.
  • Madison was my biggest baby weighing in at 9lb 1 oz
  • She was my easiest natural birth. Melanie was easiest delivery thanks to the epidural.
  •  Madison the day she was born. She was such a good baby. She loved her binky and silky blanket
    Madison now. She is a beauty.
For Madis birthday we took her out to eat at her favorite restarant samari 21. She ate more then her half of the sushi her and Kerry got. She loves Sushi. We then took her to Walmart to pick out her gift. She picked a scooter. Then the next day ( her actual birthday) she picked puff pancakes for Breakfast . She just wanted to play all day. Grandpa and Grandma invited her to sleep over and she was all for that.Madison we love you. Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My bedroom.

Now that Megan is home life is really slow paced. She is going to stay home for another week before she heads back to school. We have a lot of things to get used to. My room has become the family room. Last night I kept Megan in there so I could keep an I on her. Brian got up and came and slept between Kerry and I and Melanie still sleeps in our closet. What does that mean. We have half our kids, let me repeat, HALF our kids sleeping in our room. I probably did not need to tie my tubes;)
She is doing really well and we are having a hard time adjusting to this new diet. We will adjust and hopefully quickly. If you have any questions on diabetes do not be afraid to ask.