Sunday, January 30, 2011


Josh and Kensi came to visit.

Megan eating her Cafe Rio salad, That Aunt
Teria Glauser brought. Thanks Teria
You made our day.

Things are going great here at the hospital. When I went in Saturday Morning this is what I found. Megan was out of her bed and on the internet checking her facebook. Thank you all who left her messages.Megan, Kerry and I have learned all the basics of taking care of Diabetes. Megs can eat anything she wants she just has to cover it with insulin. Aunt Teria was awesome and brought her a Cafe Rio salad when she was craving it on Saturday. We were just happy to have her awake and wanting to eat.We were happy enough that we went and got her panda express for dinner.She is now in the stage that she is hungry all the time. Her body has been starved for so long she is making up for it.We have to count carbs now. I could tell you all the details but it would probably just make your head spin. She is awake and doing good. They unhooked her iv but have not taken it out yet. She has one more round of antibiotics to take for the ear infection that she has.I gave her her shot for the first time at lunch and she will hopefully do it tonight at dinner.She is very nervous to do this. She has already checked her blood sugar levels which entails poking herself to get blood. She can now have visitors. We are all happy to practice poking anyone that wants to volunteer. Fair warning if you come to visit like Jessica last night you will probably get pricked by Kerry;) Megans cup is now decorated with the stickers the nurses brought her.We are glad to have the hospital visit almost come to an end. She will come home tomorrow and we cant wait.
Megs decorated cup. The nurses gave her stickers to decorate.
Trying to pass time. See the IV in the background

Megan checking all the comments on Facebook. And Megan
giving herself her first shot.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update on Megs

Megan getting out of the ambulance
Yesterday Morning I took Megan into the ER at 6 am. They immedieatly diagnosed her with diabetes. They poked and poked her trying to get an IV started. Because she was so dehydrated they finally got an infant sized one in her. They got Fluids and insulin pumping into her. She was still not waking up very much but at least I knew she was going to get better. They were trying to decide if they were going to fly her up to Primary Childrens in SlC, or keep her here. Finally around noon they let me know that we were going to stay. They transferred her in a Ambulance to the old hospital to the Pediactric unit.
These were the ambulance drivers. We knew them both
one was Rick Pitcher , and the other was and the other
was one of Kerrys Young men Russel Farnsworth,
from our ward in Green Valley.
Because of the RSV season there are to be no more then 2 visitors at a time. And no kids under 14. They did inform me when we got there that they were making an exception for baby Melanie because I am nursing her. But I have to keep her in the room. We decided it would be best for everyone if Grandmas took night shifts. So Grandma Bang stayed with her last night. We are heading back in the next hour. Last night when we left she still had not eaten and was not wanting to eat at all.We will meet with the diabetic specialist today and tomorrow to be taught everything we need to know. They also will set us up with people for continued education. Megan is having a really tough time. When she woke up one time she begged me to take her home.It is so hard to tell her no.She did wake up really good for about 1/2 an hour last night before we left. She wanted Cafe rio and to call her friend kailey Webster. She then requested that Aunt Jessica come and visit her. (which I think she did right then at 930 pm) If you are wanting to do something for her She would love to have nail polish or something along that line, pj pants, books, happy cards, or fun comments on facebook. We do need to limit visitors because she needs to recover. Her body is very spent and she sleeps 90% of the time. The other 10% she is just adjusting. Please call if you want to visit but the chances are they wont let you.SORRY.Keep her in your prayers.
We hope to be home Monday
Megs sleeping. This is what she did for 3 days straight.
This is why I took her to the ER

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The Dr. already called with the results. ekg/good, chest xrays/ good, blood test/ failed. Sugars way high and Sodium way low. Doc wants another test tomorrow. I have to load her up on gatorade and water or else we will have to take her in to get rehydrated and whatever else.


What does EKG stand for. Ask Megan she could tell you, or maybe she could just tell you how they did one on her.  She could also tell you how they did blood tests, and chest xrays. We will get the results back on Monday. If they do not look good the Dr. will call us tomorrow and let us know whats up.
Whats with all these tests you say. Megan has had chest pain for the past 4 years we took her in when she was in 4th grade. They said it was a very small case of asthma and sent us home with meds. She has been complaining more and more so we took her in today. There was no problems with her breathing. The Dr. asked her a few questions about when and were it hurt and then sent us for these tests. So after a long day at the hospital Megan is fast asleep (what I would love to be doing) on my bed. She has also been sick this whole week. Poor girl already has lost 10 lb. She looks pretty sick and has missed 4 consecutive days.

Friday, January 21, 2011


check it out I have posted a few new posts. They are all from last year

april 2010 dance recital

 Megan and Ashley really shined at there second dance recital of the year. Madison wants to be just like her big sisters. I have really  loved watching the girls grow in there talent of dancing. They are naturals when it comes to dancing

Brian and Dad are always so excited to go and see the girls dance.

Easter 2010

Yep that said 2010. We have a fun tradition of going to the Ivins park for easter egg hunting. The kids love it. Somehow I did not get a picture of Megan she must have been off with her friends.
 Alexis loves easter egg hunting .

 This was the first year Brian got to hunt. I was a good mom and let him do it on his own. (actually I did not want alot of junk candy around the house) He got a couple eggs and he loved it.
They have real plastic eggs filled with candy. There are a few cool prizes but we did not win.

Megans 12th Birthday Party.

A littel late but here is Megs 12th Birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We had pizza and played games. So glad to have Megs in Young womens. She was so excited to go
 Megan posing with her friends for pictures. She is the star.
                                                                   She is so beautiful!    
                                         Madison hanging with the big girls
                                                     Lexi looking sweet
We were trying to get a picture of everybody in the air.