Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Three Things

I read Breeann's post I am going to copy it for our family. Here is a list of three funny/strange things about each individual in our family unit.
Lexi: 1- Lexi out of the blue will lean her head over and start say "ah ah ah ah choo" and make the motion of sneazing. We all love her high pitched little voice saying the choo part
2-She loves Dora and is always asking to see it. But she doesn't just say dora she say's dowha. repeated 10 times. Along with this she say's Wori for aunt Lori , Nani for Annie and papa for Grandma and Grandpa.
3-If you ask her something she doesn't know she says I o know. Which means I don't know
Madison:1-She loves to pick her own clothing. Including her underwear. I have just come to the conclusion that if it something that Kerry or I pick out it is for sure not what she is going to wear. She usually comes in with a broken hanger every day that is from her pulling her shirt down. When she does not break it she shows it to us because she is so proud.
2- 3 means 2. If she is yelling "I want 3 I want 3 " you could give her 2 and she is great.
3-If you are on her bad side you are " not invited to my birthday party" BUT if you do something good " You can come to my birthday party." and you know you are on her good side

Ashley:1-She would take five baths a day if we let her. But if you want to do her hair good luck. Oh and that does not mean five new outfits. It usually means the same outfit for a few days.
2-She is definitly related to Nick
3-She loves favorite cassorole(shepards pie) and could eat it for every meal (except Breakfast she only wants cream of wheat.with toast)
Megan: 1-If you don't watch out she will come and visit you at night. (she sleep walks)
2-much to our dismay she loves animals and has already informed us that when she gets married she is getting "a half Lab and half golden retriver that loves ball and is playful" yes she is standing over my shoulder telling me what to say.( oh wait that should be # 3)
3-she is always doing her hair or getting ready. When the whole family is in the car she is still in the house looking for just the right thing to top off her outfit.
Kerry:1-He still has these plaid (blue and green) pants from his mission that he will not throw out and he still wears them. He wore them to the Temple just last week
2-He is a perfectionist in his own way. The 3 motorcycles in the garage are perfectly buffed and polished almost every week. But if you get in his truck you would not believe it was the same man.
3-the first thing he does when he wakes up and the last thing that he does before he goes to bed is to make sure his hair is wetted down or gelled. And he always has socks on.


Kensi and Jessica said...

ha ha now that i think about it.... i dont think i have EVER seen kerry with out socks on... even at lake powell he wore those water shoes! I love reading about everyone and their habbits... it makes me feel not so wierd!