Sunday, February 22, 2009

flashback to the past

Here are a few more fun old pictures. I seem to have alot of madison that are cute and funny. This one is Megan holding madi the day she was born. Then we have a cute one of madi eating the cheese. I have another picture of her trying to cut the big block of cheese and she finally gave up and just picked ut up and starting chomping away

Here are the 3 little ones Kennis Madison and Hallie. They are so cute together.

This is Madi again in the dishwasher.

And last but not least this is Lexi Lou when she was a baby. She looks so much like Brian. I really think we skipped the Borrowman child and got another Bang with red hair. Here is Brian see if they look alike

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good ole days

This is a cute one of madi in the tub
Kerry and his Brother and Sister Greg and Hillary when we went to see them in Madison Indiana. We flew back there with our 3 kids Madison Megan and Ashley
Here is our little family in Indianapolis Indiana.
Here is a good picture of Grandpa and Grandma Goodwin, in Pine Valley for our Traditional Breakfast.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 things about me

1- I have lived in St. George my whole life.
2- I secretly wish I could be a chef. I really want to go to cooking school.
3- I really love to read and I can speed read. I cannot put the book down that I am reading so I have learned to skip through long descriptive parts of the book.I also have way to many books in my library.(they are all L.D.S. Fiction.)
4- I totally dislike animals and will probably never let my kiids get any pets. (although we did have a gold fish, that we ended up letting go in a pond)
5- I really hate it when people are late. I really try to be on time to everything and if we are meeting someone it ticks me off if I have to wate for them. My Husband has learned to be on time for me.
6-Lunch is the hardest meal for me to come up with ideas to eat so I end up eating out for lunch way to much.
7-I love to sew but I am not very good at it.(mostly blankets and crafts)
8-I am a sucker for at home buisnesses because I want to buy things at a discount. I have already been a stampin up consultant and I am now a Modbe consultant. ( all because I was buying to much of each.)I really do not sell much I just buy alot.I actually hate to try to get people to buy stuff.
9-I have 5 kids ( 4 girls and a boy in that order)
10- I love to go on cruises with my husband and we have already been on 4 different ones.
11- I love to talk and if you get stuck with me in a Dr.s office or somewhere where I am waiting for something, I will either know you really well or vice versa.When I was at the hospital in the nursery with my baby every nurse new me really well and I am sure they couldn't wait for my baby to get discharged.
12-I love to tell people good news.When something happens to someone in my family I am always the first to let everyone know.Like when my brother had his baby he called me to let the rest of the family know.I get teased about it all the time.I am also good at telling the bad news. I hope that my family likes it because they are never out of the loop.( I only tell what they want not gossip)
13-I was really afraid to have a boy.I was especially scared about changing his diaper. I did not change his first 5 diapers. I made everyone else do it.
14- I love to dance. I wish I could have taken more dance lessons when I was litte.
15- I have never tried out for something and made it. I tried out for cheerleading in 9th grade, jettetes in 11th grade, madrigals 11th grade, seminary counsil 11th grade, into the woods( a high school play) 12th grade. and rebelettes in college. For some reason it never stopped me from trying again.
16- I went on one date before I was 16
17- I never notice peoples eye color. I never even look. It is a good thing my kids all have blue.
18- I remember alot of people I went to school with but if I see them I am to shy to say hello. I just act like I dont see them.
19-I love it when people say hi to me that I know, because I really do like to see what they are up to .
20-I really wish that I could wear brand new clothes all the time. They just do not look the same after they have been washed. Same for my kids.
21- I had one of my babys at home with a midwife and loved it. but the 2 babies after I had at the hospital natural.
22- I thought one of my babies was ugly when they were born but I am not going to say which one. ( She is now the most beautifull child)
23- I love to feed people dinner at my house and love to have people over to watch movies in our theater. I just hate cleaning to get ready for them.
24-I married the most awesome man ever. He can do anythiong and everyone likes him
25-I would probably read your diary if you left it out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison

Our sweet Madison is 5 today. I cannot believe how old she is. She is the best little mommy. She loves to take care of little Brian. She is a great sister to Lexi and they play so good together. She also likes to get everyone in trouble. She is proud that her little brother is named after her Dad and lets everyone know. I love the fact that she has red hair and I am no longer asked if my hair is naturally red. I did not think I would like a red head but I absolutly love her and her hair.She is awesome about getting dressed in the morning and acutally does a great job at it.We love you Madison

Monday, February 2, 2009

More pictures

Brians blessing pictures and more

My awesome friend in the ward practiced taking pictures on our precious Brian. I could not put them all on, although I would have loved to. She did such an awesome job. We had so much fun taking them. After being peed on 3 times he finally fell asleep and that is when all the blessing outfit pictures were taken. I think she does great for being a beginner. I am so excited to go out today and print some off. I am hoping to start his scrapbook this week.
We blessed him yesterday and Kerry did such an awesome job. He was conducting the meeting and I made sure that when he anounced the blessing that he would inform everyone it was his son. Thanks to everyone that came