Saturday, November 12, 2011

Funny things they say.

Brian all day keeps saying "happy valentines day".

One of our family traditions that we often do, When we are waiting for everyone to come for prayers, all those that are in the room agree to say "AMEN" when someone walks in. Pretending like we just finshed saying the prayers and they missed it. Tonight Kerry and Brian were the last ones to walk in . So we proceded to say in unison "AMEN". Brian started to cry . I thought man he must be really tired until he said. "AHHH I wanted to say it." We all thought it was so funny so Kerry helped him say the prayer. While Kerry was saying the prayer he started to bless the Family with "please bless Mom and Dad" and Brian says "and Me". Kerry went on "and Megan and Ashley" Brian says "and Me" and so on. I really do not remember much more of the prayer because I was holding my giggles in.

Another funny story. We came home from being in town and Brian had fallen asleep on the way home. I tried to lay him down but he wanted his binki. He realized that he had left it at work with Kerry. I let him try calling Kerry but it went straight to voice mail. He handed me the phone and told me to charge it. I asked him "What" and he pointed to the side of the bed where my charger is and said "Charge it" Obviously my phone was not working because Dad did not answer it so I needed to CHARGE IT.