Sunday, February 24, 2008

i love yu mckenzie

hey its for you

hi this is for aunt Stacie hacker trail isthis look this up read and post for any questons

Friday, February 22, 2008

some old pictures

when ashley was small enough to walk on the table to scavange for food

a little down time for kensi, bree, tyler, megan, jessica, mickey and megan, or they could be recharging their batteries

kensi !!!!!!---------?????

madison and hallie, back when you were looking forward to when they could walk and talk, now the things we are looking forward to have switched.

madison, shes still the same on the inside.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

early morning visitors

Q. What do you get at 3:45 a.m. mixed with two neighbor kids and knocking on the door
A. A early morning wake up call .
Emma Mason just can't get enough of there wonderful Aunt and Uncle Janae And Kerry, and decided when they woke up 3:45 this morning they would come and visit us when they couldn't find there Parents ( they didn't bother looking in there parents room.)
It all started when I heard a knock at our front door. Megan had a friend sleeping over and Ashley was sleeping at a friends. My first thought was that megans friend had called her mom to come and get her. I was feeling pretty stupid that I didn't know that she was going home so I quickly got a robe out and ran to the door. As i was doing this I heard someone outside crying and I thought it was this girls brother. I opened the door to see mason and emma turning around to go home and emma crying . Kerry who was right behind me picked up emma and I picked up mason and took them inside. Emma was crying to us about how she couldn't find her mom. At this point I thought that it was only 11 or 11:30 I figured Tyson and Lori were probably watching a movie or something. we walked into the kitchen and that is when I realized the clock said 3:56 a.m. I quickly called Loris cell and worried that they might not hear it but she immediatly answered and I told her we had both of the kids. She had heard there front door open and was up looking for Emma. She did not realize they were both gone. She came right over and we got them back to there cozy beds.
When I climbed back into bed I couldn't help but giggle. We sure do love it when they come over and it makes us feel great that they feel comfortable enough to come when they need help. I am sure our kids will do something like that in the future and then Lori and Tyson can laugh about it then. We love you Emma and Mason


Thursday, February 14, 2008



Sunday, February 10, 2008

another paint project

this was my bike 10 years ago, it was painted by a friend because i didn't like the original color, and we put some simple stickers on it.

this was a couple weeks ago, after a few years of riding, it was pretty dinged up so i decided to paint it (anoather practice job getting ready to do a little painting on the Ducati)

this is a few days ago, i painted it black, made some stickers on our vinyl cutter and clear coated over them, it turned out real nice , i had to put my beat up parts back on it so it doesnt look perfect, but the frame looks brand new. it was fun.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison . Today is Maddies 4th birthday. I made her another silkie blanket to replace her other silkie that has seen better days. Here is a picture of her with her new blanket. As you can see she really likes it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

i'm a kunstrukshun wurker

boy if i could even spell Electroscopeawhaty, heres a little project we just finished, we put a basement wall under a house, this house is in Gunlock, it had gotten hit by floodwaters a few times, so they decided to raise it up a few feet so that the water would not get inside again, the first picture is us getting the footings ready after they jacked up the house.

this picture is under the house after the forms were set up

here it is from the outside with the forms setup and pouring the blue part is the concrete pump reaching over the house to place the concrete on the back side. we poured the walls 10' tall.

  • Look at it we got tons of snow. It rained all day on sunday and then around 5:00 p.m. it started to snow. It snowed till around 8:00 ish. The news says we got 1-2 inches but we think it was more like 3. Our snow from a few days ago had not melted yet. I got the girls semi dressed to go out and take pictures. We didn't last long because it was so cold.

  • Lexi is our little copier now. Kerry and I were doing a puzzle yesterday and she was hanging out with us when I messed up the spot I was working on and I said Dangit. She immedietly repeats me. I am sure you can just imagine a little 2 year old saying that. Kerry and I just laughed.

  • Those of you that are interested the new swimsuits they are here. I have a whole bunch at my house to try on. I am also going to have an open house were I will have even more to try on. If you want one let me know and I will tell you when the open house is. Better yet call me and you can come for a private fitting:)

  • As you can tell my Blog is being taken over by my cute family. Megan has loved people leaving comments for her and is ready to take pictures of her school for you. And if you didn't know already my husband is addicted to motorcycles.
  • But to his credit I am addicted to Samari 21. We go there for every date night and two weeks ago we went for date night on friday and then I was craving it so bad we took the kids on saturday. (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

i love you stacie (this is meant for stacie)

hey i am doing hacker trail right now i have two girls and a boy i am a farmer and of course i have a husband.i know how to type, 20 words a minute .i have very good grade scores (better than mckenzie muahhaahhhhhhha)on my report card and love science we are learning about rocks .we have art by mr.hansen .lots of loves hugs and kisses love megan

Friday, February 1, 2008

megan posting

hey its the first time a girl gets a chance to write and if id never got to do this id be dead(by the way lexie what is your email ?)(who ever knows post!)