Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reunion 2

For our second day of the reunion we went downtown to the parade. Our built a float with the theme "built upon the "ROCK" and we had  a couple of the young men and women in  our ward bring there band on the float while the kids walked alongside.The kids dressed up like rock stars. It  was a really cute idea.
Megan had already signed up to do a booth at the park. She sold her hair bows and our neighbors necklaces. She loves the thrill of making a few extra dollars. She is such a smart little buisness woman.Allie helped her out at the booth. They have become great friends.

The kids went down the slip and slides and tried out the free fishing booths, and Home Depot set up under the Big gazebo with all there little wood projects. Kerry is such a trooper, he always puts up with me running around being crazy. I was so happy to have the reunion over with that night. I don't have to do it again for 8 years. I guess that is one of the perks of having a big family. I really do love my family and having them all around me. But I am starting to appreciate quiet time a little to much.

Borrowman Family Reunion.

I was in charge of  the Borrowman family reunion this year. I figured everyone was low on money this year so we camped it out at our house. We had so much fun. We went and visited the local water park, went to the Pioneer day parade, and just hung out with lots of good company and good food. This was us at the water park. Megan and Allie were into modeling with the cute glasses they had on. There are plenty of pictures of them modeling for us. Look how cute Megans new swimsuit is on her. She is so beautiful.
It was so much fun seeing all the family together. Brian loved hanging out on my lap. Believe it or not it was sort of a cool evening.
Sweet little Lexi, I do not think I saw her more then this one picture most of the evening. She was so busy hanging with her cousins.
All the girls together again but without the face masks on. What a cute bunch

Dad was the photographer all night but we did get a few pictures of him. Kerry was at home making wonderful tres leche cake and cobbler for us to have when we got home. He also let Melanie take a nap.Maddie,Kennis, Emma And Hallie(not pictured) love hanging out together.

Sisters Girls night

We had a rare occasion happen. All of the sisters were in town. So we planned a sisters night. We went to cafe rio for dinner. It was so yummy. Who can resist a good Cafe Rio salad. After that we went to Moms house and did facials and played games. We regretted taking pictures before the facials .

 I was not to keen on the idea of the facials and as you can see I went along with it happily.

 Bree drove from Ohio, Jessica flew in from Indianapolis, and Stacie drove from California. Earlier that day we had a shower for Mckensi and little Olivia.

Friday, July 22, 2011

4th of July

I have to admit I stole these Pictures from Kensi's blog. Thanks Kensi.
Our awesome aunt Kensi and Ashley.
For the 4th we started the day out with a Breakfast at our house . We had Grandma and Grandpa Borrowman , Kensi and Josh Meecham, and Tyson and Lori. We had wonderful caramel rolls, quiche, and waffles. It has become a fun tradition to have whoever is next door i.e. the Borrowmans and Grandparents, over for breakfast. We then went swimming at Aunt Terias. We always have so much fun. We then met at the park for our annual fireworks. Kensi made caramel popcorn and Kerry helped the kids do sparklers. Melanie loved the fireworks and could not stop smiling and jumping through it all.

Grandma and Grandpa. Saving us a seat.

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Madison, is she  just the cutest

we had so many sparklers we actually came home with some.

Kerry was such a sport he just kept lighting them till the kids got tired of them.

Our spirited Megan and Emma.

Ashleys 11

Tuacahns Little Mermaid. What more could I say. Awesome! Ashley wanted one thing for her birthday. TICKETS. I was able to get $10 tickets for the girls and I. It was so amazing. The show was sold out and the weather was perfect.
Kerry stayed home with Melanie and Brian so I could take the girls to Little Mermaid. We were able to sit right in the center and they were great seats.

 The costumes were so neat. I really do not know how they could have done it better. They girls did awesome although Lexi got very tired in the end. We had to go the day before Ashleys real birthday but we surprised her. We were sitting down to dinner when Kerry pulled out the tickets and handed them to her. We told her we were going that night. She was a little dissapointed that the rest of the girls were going with us but she quickly got over it. I cannot believe Ashley is 11. She is growing up so fast. She is the best helper around the house.  We love you Ashley. Happy Birthday!

we snagged a picture with Arial and Prince Eric.

This is one of the eels. You cannot see but he has green rope lighting, lining his costume. Lexi posing with him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Along with cousins coming to town we always have to have sleep overs. On this night Lexi slept over with Emma and Annie and Mason. We had Hallie sleep over with Maddie. We took them to get Ice Cream at the new Ice Box in town.Then they stayed up till midnight watching a movie. Brian slept with them in the Den. They had so much fun. Megan also stayed up watching the movie. We love cousins.

Water day.

Madison, Hallie, Emma, Annie
Bree is in town for the next month or two. What does that mean. Party time. We seem to do stuff at least 2 times a week.This day Lori got out all the water stuff and the kids went out and played . Melanie even got in on the action. She just crawled right into the slip and slide.

 The kids always need treats when we get together. We pulled out popsycles today but it is usually fresh fruit. This is especially Brians favorite part. After this picture he went in and took a 2 hour nap. We always have so much fun with the cousins. And it helps that they are here for so long. If they were only here for a few days we would never get any fun like this in.

 Jessica is also here for the next two weeks. She is such a partier too. We have loved getting to know little Luke. He is getting so big. Melanie hates the grass so much and as you can see in the picture she tries her hardest to get every part of her off of the grass.

 Lexi and Mason love hanging out on the old swingset that has seen better days. I think they like it more now then when it was actually up and functioning. Meg and Ashley are my little Divas and would not be caught dead outside without some of there friends too. But I really wanted to have some pictures of them so I snapped a couple before I headed out to the sun.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brian and his new bed.

 Brian is a busy boy. You rarely find him asleep anywhere but his bed. This was a rare sight that I found the other day. He was half on my bed and half off, fast asleep.
Yes Brian was still in his crib. Our neighbor gave us a toddler bed and we finally got it set up for him. He loved it and the first night he never got out once. But half way through the night he wanted back in his crib. I have never had a child that wanted to be in their crib.This child has been the best sleeper. He will go straight to bed if you give him his binky and blanket. We need to move Melanie into a crib but Brian does not look like he will be giving the crib up any time soon.

Melanie is getting around

Melanie is a little go getter. She has been crawling for the last couple of months. She can now go up the stairs in the family room. I also find the little mover in the dishwasher on the excercise machine, and on Brians little toddler bed. I found her on his bed yesterday, butt naked. She had somehow slipped out of her little diaper and climbed right up on his bed. She is such a fun little baby. She now has 2 teeth and she suffered dearly for those two little teeth. Her siblings just adore her. Brian loves her and is constantly found playing with her. She loves to grab his binky and suck on it for a few minutes. He thinks it is great!