Thursday, October 11, 2007

three more things

three funny things about janae

1- she always has to know what is going on with everything as it is happening, not wait until it has happened and ask how it went. ive seen her call jessica on a date and ask her how its going and if the guy is cute, im surprised she hasnt called her on her honeymoon (maby she has and i just dont know about it yet) or she can be going somewhere and she will call when she is about four blocks away from home to let me know that she is four blocks away.

2-she is really afraid of bugs if there is a spider or roach on the floor half dead she will have to have me come get it before she can do anything else(if it is in the doorway of a room she cant get into the room until its gone) some times madison will help me out with my fatherly responsibilities and go get a tissue and pick up the bug and throw it in the toilet.

3-when i was looking at buying my first new motorcycle (a ducati) it was alot more than the used bikes i had bought before so i wasnt sure if it was a real good idea to spend that much , so i went to janae in hopes that she would just tell me to wait or that it was too much to spend so that i could stop thinking about it, so she said "you should get it, lets go to vegas tomorrow"--when i found another motorcycle that i really wanted(but didnt really need) ok so i probably did really need it, but i allready had a couple, so i was trying to talk myself out of getting it, so i asked janae if i should wait to get it since it was kind of expensive she said" you should get it"(in my mind i was thinking "you were suppose to tell me we should wait")


Kensi and Jessica said...

Janae to a T! we love that your so interested in our lives.... it makes us feel special!

Tyson & Lori said...

You are so involved with all of us. I love it! Some one has to keep track of all us!

Bree said...

I love the bug thing cause I can just picture her yelling for Kerry and to have Madi come running to save her mom! You are so much fun Janae!