Tuesday, November 27, 2007

our cruise

Here are a few pictures of us on our cruise to the Mexican Riviera November 10-17. We went with Mom and Dad.

This picture here is Dad with the Hat that he was coveting. Kerry got it but Mom and I knew that Dad wanted one just like it.Now I know what everyone is thinking, You want one too, right .

This is the infamous Iguana that our driver insisted we stop and get a picture with. (we also had to pay just to take the picture) It was actually pretty cool.
We had so much fun. We went sight seeing in Peurto Vallarta and Mazatlan and then in cabo san lucas we went to the beach and went snorkeling were we all ,but Mom, got stung by tiny jelly fish. Kerry and Dad played in some pretty big waves and had sand coming from there ears for a few days.
I am sure that we all gained a few pounds from eating way to much. I for one loved dessert, and Dad and Kerry just loved the food in general. I am sure glad to be back in America and I feel very blessed for all that we have. Including the gospel. I think that my eyes were opened . We enjoyed the time to just relax.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


This is our lovely Family on our Cruise to Mexico. We took aunt Mckensi with us and drove down to L.A. and got on the Royal Carribean boat. We had a adventure even before we got to L.A. We had stopped to see Stacie and her girls and then headed down through the pass were the traffic quickly stopped and we were stuck in the pass for at least 1 hour.Stacie informed us that there was a fire less then a mile ahead crossing the freeway. What should of only taken us 1 1/2 hours took us 4 and we barely made in time for the cruise. Every where we turned there were freeways closed. This picture here is in San Deigo if you look in the back ground there is a lot of smoke. There was 300 thousand people evacuated in this city alone because of the fires. When we first started our trip ther had been 5 homes lost to the fire. By the time we got back 4 days later there had been 1500.

Kensi was such a lifesaver. She stayed in one room with Megan, Ashley and Madison. She was so much fun. We dragged her along everywhere we went and she did such w wonderful job pretending like she was having fun. We would have never been able to do this trip without her. She also has alot of the cute pictures with her. I think that the girls loved spending time with her. It was like a party every time it was bedtime.

Here we are waiting for dinner time up on the top of the boat in Catalina Island. We decided to go up her to watch the boat leave. It is pretty cool.
Kerry loves the rock climbing on the boat but it is sometimes just hard to get a turn. He got to go once this time and he did really good.I will have to get more pictures from kensi and post more.