Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and even more

I have tried to put at least one picture of everyone. I did not get some of a few people. I apologize if I didn't get your picture on here. Here is Mom and Ashley.Emma had so much fun that this is the only picture that I have of her. She rode up with us and is so much fun.Emma, Maddie and Kennis were like the three amigos.

This is Lori dragging the gear back to our cars. she did not want me taking pictures but I got one anyway.
This is Kerry with all the kids at the water spout. Kerry made the best fried cream of wheat. Everyone gobbled it up and I think that he started a new tradition.

Ashley and Tavin, what great kids. They kept busy the whole time. I did not see much of them on this trip.

Lexi was so excited to finally get to eat. Before we ate all she wanted was to be held and then she ate and was exploring every nook and cranny.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More from Memorial day

Lil and Gage eating breakfast. Gage is such a cute little boy. (Sorry about the cute. I only know girl words)

Hello from Pine Valley. This is what Mckensi is thinking. Mckensi and Jessica brought there friends Chris and Ashley with them, it was fun to share are tradition with them.
This picture was a accident but it turned out cute.

So this is Dad cleaning up from our scrumptious breakfast. Isn't he so handsome And this is the all beautiful Madison. She had so much fun playing with Kennis and Emma

Monday, May 28, 2007


Madison Chatting dads ear off.

Ashley pausing for a quick pose before she heads off to play with her cousins
Grandpa Borrowman eating as always

Grandma Borrowman getting everything ready to eat.

So today is memorial day and guess what the tradition is? PINE VALLEY BREAKFAST.

This is Megan and Brinley aren't they so cute. We had dutch oven potatoes, eggs, bacon, orange juice,homeade cinnaman rolls and fried cream of wheat. It was so good.
Mom in all her gloryLexi playing in the dirt enjoying life

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Flying in a plane is not as romantic as it sounds. We took off from St. George around 3:30 p.m. and around 4:15 I was filling the barf bag. ugh! The flight was pretty rocky. Kerry decided around 4:45 that his stomach couldn't handle it either, and so that sent me into another bag and then Dad had to join the club. We were quiet relieved to see the Salt Lake International airport around 5:30. we taxied for a few minutes then got to the private airport and climbed out of the plane and walked right into Bree and Tyler's mini van. That was after we made a quick stop in the airports bathroom that had toothbrushes and mouthwash. By The time we got to the E center for the concert there was no time to go to eat so we went directly to the Concert and found pizza there. The concert was amazing.We were up in the nosebleed section but it was still pretty cool. We got on the plane around 10:45 and took off around 11 and the flight was pretty smooth. (and we did not use any bags)we got home around 1:00.
I have to say a huge hurrah for Mckensi and Jessica for taking care of our kids and Brecken and Andreas kids. They took on a huge feet and survived. Not only did they survive but they thrived. I came home to a clean house and the kids were happy.This was there part in the gift to Dad and there was no way we could of pulled this off without them.Thank you Thank you Thank you. Also thank you to Bree and Tyler for being wonderful chauffeurs last night.
All in All it was a good trip.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am so excited about today. I may get a new nephew, we are flying to Salt Lake and Megan and Ashley both have exciting plans at school.
Kerry, Me, Mom , Dad , Andrea, and Brecken are flying up in Breckens plane to Salt Lake to go to the Celtic women concert. Breeann is picking us up at the airport and then we are going to meet Tyler to go out to eat and then head to the concert.We will then fly straight home. What an exciting adventure.
Megan is going to the park with her class to have a water party. and Ashley is having a reading campout in her classroom.
We are also getting carpet put in our basement. It is going to look so cool. The carpet layers should be here any minute.
So I know that I said we had a boring life but this week it has started out pretty fun. Yesterday I took Madison and Alexis to the water park. they had so much fun that when Megan and Ashley came home Madison told them over and over how she went to the water park. We also learned about Noah and Faith for family night. And we finished family night off with some cool desserts from costco, the ones were sorbet is in fruit shells.
We will now sign off from our exciting life to make it even more exciting. see ya

Friday, May 18, 2007

So I am now trying to put a new blog as often as possible.The only problem with that is that everyone is going to realize just how boring my life is.
Last night Kerry and I decided to go for a walk out to the garden at 10p.m. We were just going for a peaceful little stroll when we noticed 100's of cockroaches in our garden. (No I am not exaggerating) So Keryy got the flashlight and called the ducks and hens and showed them around as he scared the bugs out. I would say we got rid of about 30-40 of them.
After we got back in Kensi,Jessica, Mickey and Carson came with a group of kids on dates to watch a movie. Ask them how it went. (especially jessica)
Kerry and I also had a lady give us a pedicure last night. It was Kerry's first and he was a little bit apprehensive
but he got over it quick and loved it.
Today I have a wonderful mothers lunch with Megan and Ashley. The school does this once a year and we take lunch to our student and spend lunch hour with them.I love going and the girls love having panda bear express. After that I am off to another physical therapy for my hand. I am getting alot more movement in it.
Kerry has Father and Sons tonight.(oh wait he has no sons) But that does not stop him. He is just going for the food. (or thats what he says, maybe there is just to many hormones at home and he needs a little testosterone around him)Then Kerry is off to another track day in vegas. well that is the story of our life today. Hope everyone else is doing good

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pizza Party

Here is madison with her swimsuit on as usual. She saw the girls go swimming at the neighbors and had to get her swimsuit on right away, and then she kept trying to sneek out to go with them Megan is here with her great hair do and a smile that will melt anyones heart

This is Alexis. she was sitting on my lap and kept dumping my water out. When I would not get her another refill she got up and went over to get her own. The Photographer caught her in the act of trying to figure the darn water cooler out

This is Ashley she was busy playing baseball all night, and she had quickly changed from her swimsuit into her best dress.

Last night we had a wonderful pizza party. It was so much fun. We invited all the neighbors and heated up Devorees brick oven and started throwing the pizzas in. Our kids had a blast hanging out with all the neighbor kids.

One of Breckens friends came and took pictures for all of us and I thought that I would put couple here on the blog.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

blah blah blah

I just have to start this blog out with a sorry to Stacie. I told her last week that she did not update her blog enough. Now it has been over a week and I too have not posted.
Life gets busy with 4 girls. I have been going to physical therapy for my wrist this last week and have been very busy with other things.
Megan has been in choir and had her final choir concert that she did awesome at. Ashley had a school assembly that the first graders put on. She had a two line speaking part. Madison is our little michevious child that is sneaking out any chance that she gets. Alexis is finally figuring out that if the door is open it means she can go to Loris house to see the dogs. Kerry has been a wonderful husband and supporting me when I need him. I did the what woman want expo last week for modbe and I am constantly on the phone checking on orders or ordering. But it has paid off.
We enjoyed seeing Breeann and Tyler when they came. And I am so glad to see Lori back on her feet.
I know that this is a short post but I thought I had better put something.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Saturday is a great day. I love that there is never anything to stress full on Saturdays. Megan and Ashley had a gymnastics Olympics yesterday. The Olympics consisted of showing family how well they are doing in gymnastics. It was really fun to see our girls perform.
We also rearranged the girls rooms. Megan and Lexi are now sharing a room and Ashley and Madison. We had so much fun getting there beds moved. We have actually already had there clothing in the right rooms for about 6 months in hopes of new beds coming.

Kerry went on a motorcycle ride with a friend of his while the girls and I finished up the rooms and then went outside with Tyson, Lori and Emma. They were outside playing with Zoey and KEELA. It was pretty cold outside so I said to Lexi "lets go inside" and Emma pops in" I go inside with you." So obviously Lori and I took Emma, Lexi,and Maddie in to get ready for bed. Lexi then wanted only Lori to get her ready not her Mom. I just think it is so Funny how our girls would rather be with there aunt then there Mom.
Saturday ended very quietly. Our girls went to bed very well and we were very exhausted.Hope our Sunday goes just as well.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Here is some more cute pictures of our girls. Lexi has decided that she needs to go swimming with the ducks all the time now. The funny thing is that the ducks actually stay in there with her and they run from Madison.

Kerry has been taking the girls out to the garden and having them pick weeds and pick up rocks. They are learning alot of responsibility from it. Megan and Ashley learned how to drive the tractor yesterday it was pretty cute to see them hauling all the little ones in the trailer behind them.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


After seeing all of your cute pictures I decided to pull the camera out and get some new pictures. Lexis's favorite thing right now is keela. (the dog) I don't think that she knows the difference between zoey and keela but she can say keela. When she gets up in the morning she looks out the window and points and says Keela. Lexi used to be afraid of the dogs but now she loves them. This picture is from today and what it is missing is the ice cream cone that was in her hand. Yep she fed Zoey the Ice cream cone and loved every minute of it, She never even noticed that the Ice cream cone was gone. Megan is our master musican. She

This picture is also from today. Madi and Emma love each other and cannot stand to be apart. emma did not even want to talk to her dad on the
phone today because she was with madi at danaes house