Monday, April 20, 2009

I need HELP

I need help. So once upon a time there was this amazing Mother. Church started at 9 am and there was never a time that she was late. She would have all 4 of her darling girls all dressed up and ready to go by 8:30, her little baby boy ( who by the way was the most handsome little fellow), would be nursed and dressed and all ready to go too. They would jump in there fancy little mini van and arrive with style at the church house. Being that they were early they chose one of the padded benches near the front. (That was so there ever so amazing father could give them the eye.) The little ones had the oppurtunity to go to the restroom and get a drink, and then sat themselves with there homeade quiet books that were the most adorable and brilliant things. Then Church would start. The baby would start to wiggle the girls would start to wiggle, the Mom would notice the little ones had forgotten there shoes,forgot to wash there face, or did not brush there teeth. Then the baby starts to grunt, the little ones need to go potty, the big ones want the book, won't sing. Moms face starts to turn from a smile to a bright red. The Baby starts to wail, The Mom takes the baby out and the littlest one tags behind her
After much needed time in the hall Sunday school starts. Honey bun comes down from the stand to sit by his amazing wife and puts the handsome fellow to sleep. Baby wakes up Amazing mother goes to Mothers Lounge and feeds handsome fellow. Amazing Mom heads back to Relief society and enjoys music and announcments, baby giggles through music and then fills his teensy pants and overflows them. Amazing Mother heads back to Mothers lounge and uses a whole package of wipes to change his little pants, gets packed up and heads back to the hall. Church only has 8 minutes left at this point. When the clock finally strikes 12 noon she picks up all her little ones from primary and heads home were the only thing that sounds inviting is the bed in her room, wishing it would be happily ever after. But lunch is calling.
Now this is were I need help.
1- What can I do to help my older ones enjoy sacrament?
2- any ideas on helping my baby make it through church better?
3- What can I do to make the day easier for my kids when I get home so I can take a short needed nap?
I would like everyone to please leave Ideas. If you have friends tell them to come and give me ideas. please I need help

Friday, April 17, 2009

I love being a mom

I love being a Mom
I think that sometimes Iwrite on here just to get away from all the joys of motherhood. My kids are all in the other room in time out. (for fighting)
What do you do when your kids fight over simple things. I have had it and if I could quit I would right now! Just look at those sweet inocent faces. The picture of Maddie is were it all started. Megan was sitting in this chair and I asked her to come and let me take a picture of her. When she went back to sit down Madi was in her chair. I left the room and that is were it went down hill. Then the baby woke up from there lovely yelling.

Megan was telling Ashley that I do nothing at home all day. OOOOH!!!!!!!!
So all the clean clothes that they wear and all the wonderful meals that I cook, the clean toilets they sit on the , the clean dishes. Oh I could go on for days. I don't need to justify myself to a 11 year old what I do all day. In the course of writing this I have been called 5 or 6 times. (Mom Megan did this Mom Ashley did this)If I went in there now I would just yell. Welcome to my lovely life as a MOM.

Here is our little Lexi, right this very moment she is over at Emmas house playing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Maddie and Lexi are in a tap and ballet dance class together. They are so cute and love every minute of it.

You can find them holding hands throughout the class and Maddie makes sure that Lexi is taken care of. We love dance and hate it when we cannot find there shoes.

Lexi and Brian

Lexi adores her brother. She wants to hold him all the time. The hold usually only lasts for about 10 seconds. She has figured out that when I feed him she can sneek out of the house and to Emma and Masons. She is such a fun child. The other day she did this and then snuck down to Petersons and then left Petersons without telling them. By this time I was pretty fed up so I made her take a nap. This is a picture of her when she had finally fallen asleep. If you look close there is a tear glistening in the corner of her eye. I felt so bad

Monday, April 13, 2009


This is Megan on her actual B-day. We woke her up to have her favorite food Bacon. She headed of to school with a promise that we would pick her up for lunch. After school we made her favorite dinner Chicken crescents. We then headed over to Jessica and Chris's for a farewell/b-day party. Megan got money, webkins and a new outfit for her Birthday.
We love Megan and are so happy she is a part of our family.
Here are 10 wonderful things about her.
1- She is Beautiful
2- She knows the Gospel so well
3-Sh is an amazing reader and would read 24/7 if she could. ( so much like her mom)
4-She is so crafty.
5- She is wonderful at babysitting.
6- she gives grat back rubs
7-She is a great dresser.
8-She loves her sisters.
9-She is a great friend
10-She has an amazing voice.
We love you Megan

Megans Birthday

I know it is a little late but Megan is 11. Wow my little girl is getting so big. We had a full house. She invited 10 of her friends for a Pizza/movie party. The girls were wild! They ended up not watching the movie and ran like crazy through the house. Needless to say we all made it through and Megan had a great party.

Easter Eggs

So here are the pictures of Easter. I did great right. I am slacking on the picture taking and I know it. But here are a few pictures of the girls dying there easter eggs. Brian was in bed fast asleep but the girls had a blast.

Cute little Brian

I went in to Check on Brian yesterday and this is what I found. He was fast asleep. I couldnt help but laugh. He must have thought he needed to put his finger there to keep himself asleep. Oh how I love this boy. He is really starting to laugh now. He Love love loves to sleep on his stomach. He loves to goo and make noises. He also loves to dance. If you stand him up on your lap he will wiggle and wiggle, thus making it look like he is dancing. He peed on himself the other day. I was changing his diaper when all of the sudden he started peeing. It went up and over his shoulder then got his cheek. He thought it was pretty funny and smiled really big. Love this kid.