Monday, September 17, 2007

Cute addicted husband

I just love my cute addicted husband. Anyone else in the same predicament? I know of a few. (Bree) If you noticed that I have new coloring on our blog that would be the addicted. He spent all Saturday traveling to Vegas with 3 if our youngest girls picking up a motorcycle that is not for him . Then when he got home he proceeded to take pictures, talk on the phone and look on the Internet, all about this new motorcycle. Then Sunday morning when he was home from church with a sick Ashley, he BLOGS about it. Not how cute his girls were on the trip, not that he forgot to get krispy kremes for his wife and not about the hot date he went on with his hot wife, but about the new member of our garage. And he even included pictures. Now if you do not call that addicted, what is? Oh the joy!
Now back to the family life. We have all been sick with the flu and cold. UGH! To top that off the night I was coming down with it I was driving home and got a ticket. And no it was not for speeding. If you want to know more I will tell later

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kerry here

i guess i got tagged, not like the roadkill that tyler tagged, but the other kind.

Jobs I've had:

Laub's farm-moved sprinkelers in hayfields

Barn's dairy-worked at a dairy feeding and milking cows

Laubs farm-drove farm trucks hauling hay in from fields

color country concrete- forming & pouring concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, walls, etc.

mission to jamaica

Moaks Bicycle warehouse-bicycle repair and sales

Les Olson Cao.-fixed copiers and fax machines

Bang concrete- started buisness with 2 other brothers in '99, still moving along.

Movies I watch over and over:

life is too short to watch most movies more than once, but i'd watch a few again

National treasure

Blown Away (edited for tv)

Places I've lived:

born in Mesa, AZ

Beryl, UT


St. George, UT

Favorite TV shows:

Blacksheep Squadron


Good Eats

Man Vs Wild

Places we'd rather be:

on a cruise any where.

visiting---The (Other) Holy Land --for any of you that are not familiar with the other holy land it is where they make Ferrari's and Ducati's--Italy.

any where in Eruope

on a motorcycle ride somewhere- preferably in Europe -possibly somewhere near the other holy land.

on the Autobaughn on a Ducat Desmosedici (abot 210hp and should be able to hit about 220mph)

People I tagged: anyone that posts a comment

tyler wanted me to post the pic of his latest addition to his family with its little red cousins.