Sunday, May 20, 2012

One more potty post

So I just have to write this one down even though it is 12:45 at night. I just went in to check on Melanie before I laid down and Melanie was butt naked in her bed. This is an everyday occurence for her. I have tried putting pants on, putting her diaper on backwards but it does not work. I was able to catch her before she wet her bed tonight but usually she ends up waking herself up when she pees her bed. I have the hardest time not laughing about it. She is the most ambunctious child I have ever had. She has already climbed out of her bed and you can find her on the Kitchen counter almost hourly.She also has figured out how to open the back gate on our back porch. I have had to replace my makeup because she scoots the chair over to my counter and climbs into my makeup drawer and does her own makeup. Her little cousin Ava can say her name but Melanie could care less about talking, I mean who needs to when you can get yourself whatever you want and not have to hassle with the confusion of talking.