Friday, May 18, 2012

5 down 1 to go. potty training with technology

So Brian is a big boy now. He was peeing in the toilet all the time unless we put a diaper or pull up on him. Now pooping was a whole other story. He would either just go in his pants or wait till we put a diaper on him. We had bribed him a few times with lego mans (lego figures) but that was begining to get expensive and we could only get him to go in the toilet like once a week. So Kerry got a phone that has an lego game app and Brian would get to play a game if he went in the toilet. Brian loved it. He was going just a little bit then played a game and then immediatly ran in to the bathroom to go a little bit more. This got to the point that he would be going to the bathroom about 10 times a day just so he could play the ego game on Dads phone. We made him show us before he could flush. I thought it would never end! But alas it did. He now goes the normal 1-2 times a day and rarely asks if he can play. The funny thing is we went to lunch for my birthday and he had to go while we were there at the restaraunt. He got mad at me because I flushed it before Dad could see it . I made sure to tell Kerry that he pooped so that he could play the lego game while we finished eating. So we are proud to say this wonderful son of ours is fully potty trained. Even through the night. I also can say he only peed on the floor once (that I know of) He peed off of the top of the stairs to our family room. He thought it was so funny. I quickly had to teach him that it was not ok to pee anywhere but the toilet.So we now call Kerrys phone the latest Potty training technology. You should try it. It works so good.


Kandace Wittwer said...

That is soooo funny! Anything goes with potty-training, right? I'll have to remember that one!