Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water day.

Madison, Hallie, Emma, Annie
Bree is in town for the next month or two. What does that mean. Party time. We seem to do stuff at least 2 times a week.This day Lori got out all the water stuff and the kids went out and played . Melanie even got in on the action. She just crawled right into the slip and slide.

 The kids always need treats when we get together. We pulled out popsycles today but it is usually fresh fruit. This is especially Brians favorite part. After this picture he went in and took a 2 hour nap. We always have so much fun with the cousins. And it helps that they are here for so long. If they were only here for a few days we would never get any fun like this in.

 Jessica is also here for the next two weeks. She is such a partier too. We have loved getting to know little Luke. He is getting so big. Melanie hates the grass so much and as you can see in the picture she tries her hardest to get every part of her off of the grass.

 Lexi and Mason love hanging out on the old swingset that has seen better days. I think they like it more now then when it was actually up and functioning. Meg and Ashley are my little Divas and would not be caught dead outside without some of there friends too. But I really wanted to have some pictures of them so I snapped a couple before I headed out to the sun.