Friday, July 22, 2011

Ashleys 11

Tuacahns Little Mermaid. What more could I say. Awesome! Ashley wanted one thing for her birthday. TICKETS. I was able to get $10 tickets for the girls and I. It was so amazing. The show was sold out and the weather was perfect.
Kerry stayed home with Melanie and Brian so I could take the girls to Little Mermaid. We were able to sit right in the center and they were great seats.

 The costumes were so neat. I really do not know how they could have done it better. They girls did awesome although Lexi got very tired in the end. We had to go the day before Ashleys real birthday but we surprised her. We were sitting down to dinner when Kerry pulled out the tickets and handed them to her. We told her we were going that night. She was a little dissapointed that the rest of the girls were going with us but she quickly got over it. I cannot believe Ashley is 11. She is growing up so fast. She is the best helper around the house.  We love you Ashley. Happy Birthday!

we snagged a picture with Arial and Prince Eric.

This is one of the eels. You cannot see but he has green rope lighting, lining his costume. Lexi posing with him.