Friday, July 8, 2011

Brian and his new bed.

 Brian is a busy boy. You rarely find him asleep anywhere but his bed. This was a rare sight that I found the other day. He was half on my bed and half off, fast asleep.
Yes Brian was still in his crib. Our neighbor gave us a toddler bed and we finally got it set up for him. He loved it and the first night he never got out once. But half way through the night he wanted back in his crib. I have never had a child that wanted to be in their crib.This child has been the best sleeper. He will go straight to bed if you give him his binky and blanket. We need to move Melanie into a crib but Brian does not look like he will be giving the crib up any time soon.


McKensi said...

awww its about time you posted about your cute little kids:) I love that he loves his crib! can he get in and out by himself?