Monday, January 6, 2014

Its that time of year again that we a start new with  the blog. I have not blogged in so long it almost hurts. So here goes. We got our fun family pictures taken again by Amber Gillete. She is awesome and we love that she takes the time to make it fun. We are still living in the same place. Brian just turned 5 yesterday. He is majorly into legos and thus he got lego sets for his birthday. Megan is busy on the swim team, student council, raising a pig on ffa, learning to drive, and just going to school.  Ashley is not on the vista dance company any longer but decided to spread her wings by taking dance at southwest dance. She is so good they decided to place her in the older class starting today. She is a little nervous. Madison has also started dance there and has so far loved it. Dance has been good for her self esteem. She is reading much better this year. Alexis turned 8 and was baptized. She has been taking drum at school and we are now on the look out for something else for her to do. Brian has been busy building legos, going to work with Dad, Playing with Koen and going to Preschool with miss Robyn. Melanie is just Melanie, She is having a hard time giving up being carried everywhere. She started primary yesterday and the Bang household now will never have a nursery age child. Kerry has picked up so much work and is busier then ever. I am now taking the time to do what I have wanted to for awhile now. Scrapbooking, excercising , blogging, making soap, relief society and last but not least just being a Mother.