Friday, October 21, 2011

The Man

We love this little guy Brian. He has won us all over in this house full of girls. He thinks he is Bob the Builder and if you call out for Bob he says what. He wears overalls everywhere. When it is time for Bed he will not change out of his "Bob the builders"(overalls).You ask him what he wants to be for Halloween and he we quickly respond "bob the builder" Last week before Church I was trying to put on his Church clothes and He cried for 20 minutes while I wriggled his church pants on him. I finally had to let him carry his "bob the builders" to church. When it came time to take him to nursery he dragged along his trusty overalls that were dirtier then ever. When I got out of Young Womens he was standing out in the hall waiting for me with his overalls on over his sunday clothes. It was the funniest thing ever. I have finally convinced him to take them off to take showers. He reverently lays them on his bed and quickly gets in the shower.I am very sneaky at this point and think that I can get them into the washer before he notices. Unfortunaly he notices the minute he gets out of the shower and will (not) patiently wait by the washer for them. Until this Morning.
I really needed to go to the store and did not want to drag his sweet little stubborn self with me. So trying to be discreet, I asked Kerry if he would take "the man" to work with him. We were all eating breakfast in the kitchen and little Brian looks up and asks tentavily "Mom, I'm the Man?" I quickly replied to him "No Brian you are Bob the Builder"
He replies with a little more confidence. "No Mom I am the Man"
He then looks around and sees his hard hat sitting on the counter in front of him, and says "this a Man Hat"
We were all giggling after that . Except him. He is smiling when Megan asks Him "Brian what are you going to be for Halloween"
without even blinking he says "a man"
Megan being as brilliant as ever rushes him back to his room and shows him all the man shorts in his closet which he in turn gets way excited and brings them to me to show me all the MAN PANTS he has. He actually wore normal shorts to work with his Dad today.
I really thought we had finally turned over a new leaf today . That was until he came in while I was putting Melanie down for a nap with his dirty overalls on begging me to put on his Bob the builders. Oh well at least it lasted for 1 morning.


Kandace Wittwer said...

Janae, that is too funny!! I love it. Love the pictures. I'll have some to post too as soon as I get them back from the photographer!!