Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread houses

Tonight we decided to do our family tradition of Gingerbread houses. Our kids love this. We start getting candy at halloween and try to get the clearance candy the day after halloween. IT makes for a cheap house. This is a major production at our house. Kerry use to make houses when we first got married that were really elaborate. He has to keep them simple now a day for the sake of the kids.
This is Megan she took so long putting hers up she barely had any candy on it when I took the picture.I am sure hers will turn out the most creative, or a darn second with Kerrys

This is Ashley she is starting to get more and more creative as she gets older. She has a water spout coming out of the roof.

Here is Maddie with her partially done house

Here is Lexi with her house.


Megan and Nick said...

Those are way fun! I love gingerbread houses, I think that they are going to be a tradition with me and Nick too. Good Job! They all look great!!!

Rachel Doyle said...

So fun - we love doing our house - I can't wait until our kids are bigger and they can all do their own. Congrats on getting closer to the baby arriving - I hope he just doesn't make his arrival too soon.

Catherine said...

What a fun tradition. They sure do look great! Hey, did you know your blog is not in private-mode anymore?

McKensi said...

ok that dress on lexi is so cute! Also... kerry good job on the houses:)

Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition. We do a gingerbread house each year also, this year we opted for a train. The kids love it! Thats cool that Kerry likes it so much to.

THE ORVINS said...

how fun i totally want to have fun traditions like that when i have children...maybe me and chris will start fun traditions next year anyway!